How to Save or Download Protected Images in Chrome

Normally, you can save Images from Flickr (or any website) by right clicking the photograph and saying “Save Image As” but in the case of protected images like say on Flickr, Instagram, pixieset & bentbox, all you will see on the desktop is a blank pixel placeholder image called spaceball.gif.

So how do you save or download such protected images in your favorite web browser chrome or Firefox?.

These images on specific sites are protected since the member has set download permissions to disallow his/her photos from being downloaded, a transparent image is overlaid on the actual photo so the right-click method fails. So to work around this you can first try saving the full page on your computer and then open the saved files folder to view the image. If this doesn’t work try the below given solution.

Solution: You may either use the good-old Print Screen / Screenshot or any of the hack below to defeat the image protection.

For Firefox and Chrome: Go to Tools >> Page Info >> Media – Scroll down until you see that image in the Media Preview Window. Click the Save As button.

See the Screenshot Below:

how to download protected images chrome

In IE, Opera, Safari: Right click the Flickr web page and chose “View HTML source” – now search for “spaceball.gif” in the HTML source. You’ll find the full location of the protected image enclosed in the img src=” Link of Image “

save protected images chrome

Now find the Actual image Link and Download it. So now you know how to save protected images in chrome and firefox. You can also use this trick to Download images from other image protected sites. Use it as pixieset hack or bentbox hack.