“BitCoin Money Adder” – Is it possible to mine Free Bitcoins using Software?

So you want to increase your bitcoin wallet balance, you have been working hard and suddenly you come across a website that offers free Bitcoins by using an online bitcoin money adder tool.

You quickly click-through couple of links to download the software and Bam! you are either required to complete a Survey or send them your hard-earned dollars to get an access key for the so-called “Bitcoin money adder” software to work.

This doesn’t end here, you are probably going to complete their Survey and in the worst case, you will send them money in the hope of getting your bitcoin money to be piled up with dozens of Bitcoin’s every day.

Bitcoin Money adder Software 2014 with serial

At last, you discover, it was all in vain. You didn’t get the software key as promised or the Software just doesn’t work. lesson learnt.

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Are these BitCoin Money Adder software’s Real?

If you have been through the above scenario, you would know that its all SCAM. There is no way to increase your bitcoin balance Illegally, besides you cannot hack your bitcoin wallet. Just leave these methods aside and follow legitimate ways.

These online websites pretend of having found an exploit to add balance to your Bitcoin wallet. According to them, It doesn’t matter if your computer is old, bitcoin adder doesn’t use CPU or GPU to generate bitcoin’s rather it uses crypt logic from computer hardware to generate bitcoin’s block amount unit balance. That’s how foolishly they lure people looking for Bitcoin balance.

The worst part is they accept payments in the form of Bitcoin’s as well. By now you should know that if I have found the exploit then why would I be letting other people know about the exploit and demand money for it. Instead, I would mine Bitcoin’s for myself with the trick.

Why did they create this Fake Software?

It’s simple, they are making serious money from you. They either make money by asking you to complete Surveys Or by actually asking you money for the fake software. In the worst case, Some software’s are coded with Malware that affects your PC and use your resources to mine Bitcoin’s for the software’s authors.

Final Word: Stay away from easy money. You will lose what you have in your wallet.

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