The Truth About Facebook Hack tools – FB ID Hacking Software

Disclaimer! The sole purpose of this article is to make you aware of fake Facebook hack tools and also discuss genuine spy software that can help you hack FB id. We do not encourage you in any manner to try this software.

If you are looking for hack software like “FB id hacker” or “007 Facebook hack tool” then I must tell you the truth about these kinds of software.

There ain’t no hack tool specifically made for Facebook hacking. All these apps & sites claiming to have found a loophole in Facebook that can crack any user’s password are utterly fake.

Most online Facebook hack tool sites are built by fraudsters who trick online visitors into sharing their own login credentials and demand money/ransom in return for your hacked account, while others just ask you to complete online surveys to get to the hacked account details which never existed in the first place.

They generally try to create urgency or panic to trick users into giving out their personal details.

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By using such online hack sites or installing such fake software, you are exposing yourself to potentially high risks. These software/sites are actually spyware, that once installed on your device, will fetch & upload any sensitive data of yours like credit card details or saved passwords to the creator’s server.

Genuine Facebook Hack Tool

As I said before, there is no Facebook-specific hack tool or app. However, there are many spy apps that once installed on any cell phone, simply record the keys you type and where you type them. These logs are then sent to the attacker who can analyze them to find your Facebook passwords, chats, and much more. 

One such app that I personally recommend is mSpy App.

mSpy is a monitoring app that can monitor & track any cell phone. Primarily made to monitor your kids & employees, It is available both for Android & iOS (non-jailbroken as well).

Facebook Hack tool - FB ID Hacking

It is equipped with the most advanced monitoring options like Profanity alerts, Geo-Fencing, Contact Alerts, GPS monitoring, Social Media Apps like Facebook monitoring, Messaging Apps monitoring, Call Logs, Text Messages, and much more.

All the hacked data (logs) will be available for you at any time from their Control Panel. 

For those who doubt whether to buy mSpy or not, You can try mSpy demo version on their website to figure out how the app works.

For more information on this hack tool, Please read how to tap a cell phone remotely.

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