Western Union Hack 2023 – Free Money Transfer SCAM!

From time to time, I do receive emails from people who have come across one of those fake Facebook hack tools ( Legit Facebook hacking tools) and would like my opinion on the legitimacy of the same. A few days back I received an email from one of our readers asking for “western union hack software with activation code”.

At first, I decided to ignore this email, but when I started getting repeated emails from other people as well asking for the same western union hack tool that uses some kind of western union bug, I decided to Google about it. And much to my surprise, there were dozens of websites selling this fake hack tool.

Western Union hack tool

According to this website, the Western Union Bug is a software that cracks Western Union databases and gives the transfer data for payment made to any country in the world. It can change the sender/receiver information with any other information if you want so that you cash in other peoples money to your name.

The website will provide you with a trial software which works only when you get activation code, which you can get only when you transfer the money to western union hackers account. The so-called activation package starts with 250 USD for a transfer of 1000 USD max and 400 USD for a transfer of up to 4000 USD.

Obviously Western Union is not having any bug of that kind. If anyone would have really found the bug, why on earth they would reveal it to the whole world and not cashing in from that hack instead. But I had to try it, to show you how it is fake and what might happen if you try it.

Stay away from these fake western union hack tools and research before trying any of such software. There are a lot of people who have been scammed by this fake software makers. One guy who has actually gone through this scam has posted his experience on his blog.

Read here: Western Union Bug, China Scammers Ripped Me Heavily.

By installing any of such rogue software you are putting yourself to potential identity theft and your computer system to potential malware.

So people beware of it and once again I would like to clearly state that there ain’t no western union hack that works right now and if at all somebody finds any bug, they wouldn’t reveal to anyone in public. Also, there ain’t no legit western union hackers, If you come across anyone who pretends to be one, beware never do any transaction or exchange with them.

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