5 Additions For Your Trucks To Improve On Your ROI & Other KPIs

Are you considering updating your trucks with some hi-tech equipment but don’t know where to begin? This common issue is faced by a lot of fleet managers, where they are all looking for easy tracking and handling solutions while still being economical in their endeavors. 

It is no secret that every business wants to update themselves to the best of their capabilities not only for convenience but to secure a place among the top businesses in their domain. The secret to this lies in making changes in the most fundamental component of your business- your trucks. 

Here is a guide to what you can change in them to see a significant change in your KPIs and boost them like never before. Right from trackers to cameras, everything can work in your favor if used appropriately. 

1. Introduction Of AI

Artificial Intelligence or AI, when used for business, is a boon that has no bounds to how much it can benefit you. The best thing about AI is that it has self-learning capabilities, and the technology can upgrade itself as time passes. 

However, driver AI needs to be approached carefully, and a well-funded plan needs to be made for the same. Transportation, in general, is that part of a business that needs to be robust and as efficient as possible. In that case, having manual preparations to keep an account of everything might make your business prone to mistakes. However, with some support of AI tools that help automate vehicles with modifications like self-driving can do wonders. 

5 Additions For Your Trucks To Improve On Your ROI & Other KPIs

It will not only bring about some ease in work but also make things like management and decision making extremely easy. Other than that, having a helping hand in these matters never hurts to reduce the burden from major operations.

2. Fleet Trackers

Fleet trackers come in different variants depending on your needs. They can be satellite-based that can help you track your fleet in real-time or other types of trackers are ones where you can see the travel history after connecting it with your device. 

In both cases, tracking does take place, but GPS trackers that are backed with satellite support are more reliable since any developments that take place can be detected and acted upon immediately. 

However, the major concern is to have a tracker in the first place. Most companies have very outdated technology where updates are taken manually without the assistance of legitimate trackers that end up making the job very easy. This could be an issue when one is trying to survive the competitive market that exists in today’s age.

3. Safety Measures

When it comes to safety measures like compliance with rules, the safety of the drivers and the fleet, some basic steps have to be taken. This is where some common additions to your fleet might help. For example, using Vehicle gateways, devices that send out alerts after a sudden break has been hit, or any severe damage is detected can be very helpful. 

The special feature of this device is that while a driver is on the road, they might be isolated, but these devices help them constantly stay in touch with the team back home. If any irregularities are detected, communication can be easily established to make the happenings of the situation known. 

Overspeeding can also be detected with the help of these and other telematics devices that send out alerts in a similar way. This is a very useful tool to keep rash driving at bay and ensure safety at all costs. 

4. Basic Surveillance

Fleet tracking devices also include some basic dash cams that give the person a holistic view of the inside of the vehicle. This is very helpful when one is trying to avoid distracted driving. What distracted driving entails is essentially this- there are many reasons for the driver to get distracted while driving. These could be checking the phone every now and then, eating while driving, or any distraction caused due to a noise outside. 

These distractions can prove very harmful, and there are several occasions when they can take place. To avoid these for the safety of the driver and the fleet, a lot of companies have started installing small cameras to surveil the condition of the driver. Be it carelessness or fatigue, an incident like this can be avoidable with some assistance from the team. It can also help determine when the drivers need rest and if they are getting it at appropriate intervals. 

Not just resting, but having proper intervals for food is also equally important. An absence of any of these will cause severe damages to you in terms of staff and money too.

5. Training Programs

The root of all problems related to fleets is a lack of management or knowledge given to drivers. While making changes and additions to your trucks is important, going into the depth of the problem might also benefit you. 

Giving basic training to the drivers not just related to driving the trucks, but also about traffic rules and safety regulations can be beneficial. Holding seminars or interactive sessions to stress the importance of the responsibility they have might instill a sense of understanding in them better. Conducting training programs can be tricky, though. They tend to become boring and monotonous, which is why it is important that you keep them engaging at all times. 

Having a hands-on practical session, along with interactive tasks, can be helpful. Not only that, activities like these can severely help raise morale and strengthen the foundation of rules in your company. 


These additions are mere recommendations for your trucks. Using these will not only ensure that you are technologically upgraded but also help you be on par with any sort of competition that you have to face. 

They have a lot of operational benefits, too, that will render you an amazing ROI in the long run. Just try your best to stay updated with these developments, and the results will speak for themselves. All these changes might require a lot of planning and logistical assistance, but they are definitely worth the effort. 

You can revamp your entire operation with the help of these and change the way your company functions, consequently yielding some of the best results in the market.