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How To Save Onlyfans Content – Download Onlyfans Videos & Pics on iPhone, Android

Onlyfans is a subscription-based social networking site that offers premium content from all kinds of content creators. Although it is for all types of creators, the site is more popular among explicit content creators and users who consume it, often find it difficult to save Onlyfans content or download their favorite videos.

Sites like Onlyfans are fairly secure and one cannot hack into their servers to rip the content and download Onlyfans videos of their favorite creator for free. i.e If any site related to Onlyfans is promising you free content in exchange for completing any offers or surveys, rest assured it is making false claims and instead of making Onlyfans site free, it will trick you into installing malware onto your device.

This doesn’t mean you cannot get Onlyfans content for free, certainly, there are a couple of ways to get the content of any creator without actually paying. We will discuss it in the latter part of this article.

Also, Onlyfans doesn’t have any official Android or iOS app.
If you ever come across any app related to Onlyfans hack or premium viewer, please do not install it.

In this article, we will guide both subscribers and non-subscribers on how to download OnlyFans videos & pics of your favorite creator on your devices.

How does Onlyfans protect pics & videos on its platform?

If you are a content creator, you own the full copyrights to the content you produce, until you transfer copyrights to someone else. Content subscription services like Onlyfans allow creators to create content and earn money by selling subscriptions to their users.

The content is copyrighted to its respective creators. And in the interest of these creators Onlyfans protects their pictures & videos by utilizing any of the 2 ways listed below:

  1. Disable right-click on pictures & videos
    The JavaScript code below is used to disable the right-click, So that the user won’t be able to open context menu to save Onlyfans content, i.e you won’t get a chance to save the video or picture you want on Onlyfans site. However you can still view the source code of the page and find that video or picture file URL.

    $('img').mousedown(function (e) {
    if(e.button == 2) { // right click
    return false; // do nothing!
  2. Using background-image + data:imagesource
    Using CSS background-image instead of HTML and at the same time using data:imagesource as its location. This particular method is being used by Onlyfans and Fansly to protect their creators content.

No matter what they do, nothing will prevent a simple glance at a network traffic monitor or the “Network” tab of your favorite browser’s developer tools.

How to download Onlyfans videos & pics?

By default, Onlyfans doesn’t allow its users to download pictures or videos from their platform since they are copyrighted to individual creators.

On any other normal website, to download any picture or video, you would just right-click to save the file or long-press on the picture or video and save it while on a cell phone. However, that is not the case when it comes to downloading videos & pics from sites like Onlyfans. They deliberately disable right-click options or wrap original media blocks with blank pixel links so as to disallow users from downloading or saving their content.

Contrary to what people may think, you can save or download pretty much anything that gets displayed on your screen. If you are a web developer, you would know that you can inspect or view-source of any webpage and download all the media files like pictures & videos.

For normal internet users like you and me, there are many online tools that can do this job for us without much effort. These tools include browser extensions, third-party websites, and the web browser itself.

1. Allow right-click menu on Onlyfans to save content

Before we begin with discussing the exclusive Onlyfans video downloader extension, Let me introduce you to this magical browser extension that enables the right-click menu or the ‘context menu’ on websites that prevent it!

The Allow Right-Click extension is available for both Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox.

With this extension enabled you can pretty much save any content on Onlyfans. You can download videos, pictures, and even the creator’s profile picture if you may want.

See the screenshot below:

Allow right-click option on Onlyfans to save content

All you need to do is, first install this extension and enable it. Once enabled, go to Onlyfans and play any video. While the video is playing, just right-click on the video area to open up the ‘context menu’. From here you can click the ‘save video as’ option to save the video file on your desktop computer.

By far, this is the easiest method to save Onlyfans content on your computer and it works on every other website where the right-click on images or videos is prohibited (mostly porn sites). Now let’s move on to this exclusive downloader extension for Onlyfans.

2. Onlyfans downloader: Chrome extension to save Onlyfans content

While sites like Onlyfans will always take measures to copy-protect their content and prevent users from downloading the media files, there actually is no way they can prevent a user from downloading any media content that is displayed on his or her screen.

Let us see how you can download pictures & videos from Onlyfans websites using this exclusive Chrome extension called downloader for Onlyfans.

The extension automatically adds download buttons next to all the pictures & videos in your Onlyfans feed or any creator’s profile page.

See the screenshot below:

Onlyfans downloader- Chrome extension to save Onlyfans content

You just have to click the ‘original’ button and your video will start downloading. By default the extension is configured to download the original video file (highest quality), you can configure it to download in low resolution by just clicking the extension’s icon in the address bar.

If you are not comfortable with using any browser extensions or add-ons, I would also recommend you this simple yet powerful feature of the Mozilla Firefox web browser that can be used to download pics & videos from any website including Onlyfans without any extension or addon.

Saving Onlyfans content in Firefox web browser

  1. In FIrefox web-browser, open the web-page from where you want download the pics, videos or any other media files. In our case
  2. Make sure you are logged in and have complete access to the onlyfans creator’s content.
  3. Now, Goto Tools >> Page Info >> Media tab
  4. Scroll through all the media file (you can click any content file to see the preview)
  5. Once you find the picture or video that you are looking for, click ‘save as’ to save your file.

See the screenshot below:

how to download protected images chrome

So this is how you can bypass copy-protection and save content from Onlyfans using browser extensions and using the browser feature itself on your desktop computer. Let us now see how you can do the same on your mobile device.

3. How to download Onlyfans videos on Android phones?

I have already mentioned ‘downloader for Onlyfans’, a Chrome extension in the above section. We will be using the same extension on your Android phone to download Onlyfans videos. You can also use the ‘allow right-click’ extension to enable the ‘context menu’, which can be triggered by long-pressing the video or picture area on your mobile device.

The official Android Chrome app doesn’t support extensions. So, to use chrome extensions, you will need to install Kiwi web browser which supports chrome extensions out-of-the-box. Just follow the same instructions as mentioned in the previous section to save content from Onlyfans website.

Another way to download Onlyfans videos on your Android phone is to use website content downloader apps like AhaSave Video downloader.

Install the app from Google Play and visit or search for ‘OnlyFans’ with the in-app browser. Simply log in to your account and tap on play the video that you want to download. The app will auto-detect the video link, and you will be prompted to download the video.

See the screenshot below:

How to download Onlyfans videos on Android phones

Lastly, you could also just take screenshots of pictures or use screen recording apps like AZ Screen Recorder to save Onlyfans videos on your Android device.

4. How to save Onlyfans content on iPhone?

Unfortunately, there is no direct way to save or download Onlyfans content on your iPhone especially since there isn’t any web browser app available for iOS that supports extensions or add-ons discussed in the previous sections. But you can always download them to your computer first and then transfer them to your iPhone.

Apart from transferring saved content, the simplest way to save pics & videos from Onlyfans is to do a screen capture. You can easily take screenshots of the pictures you want or create a screen recording of the videos you play.

Here’s a screenshot from Apple’s official guide on creating screen recording:

how to save Onlyfans videos on iPhone

Tip: Once you click record, make sure you play the video in landscape mode (fullscreen).

Note: If by chance you are using Microsoft edge browser, checkout Onlyfans video downloader for Microsoft Edge.

Onlyfans hack: Can you hack onlyfans for free content?

Many users are looking for a way to hack Onlyfans to view creators’ profiles without paying the subscription fees. There are tons of sites online that supposedly offer free Onlyfans subscriptions or so-called Onlyfans premium accounts.

Look at the screenshot taken from a website called “Onlyfans Viewer” which promises you a tool that can be used to watch premium videos of any Onlyfans model by simply entering their username.

Onlyfans hack download videos and pics

Another website that is offering Onlyfans premium accounts for free:

Onlyfans hack free subscription

It is the need of the hour to underline here that such hacks or tools do not exist. These fake hack sites will ask you to complete offers or surveys to be able to get a premium account and once you complete their offers, you get nothing. So stay away from such sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to see Onlyfans without paying?

While it is not possible to see Onlyfans content without paying on its website, you can easily get your favorite creator’s pics and videos on different porn sites, forums & Telegram channels.

Here’s what you can do to see Onlyfans without paying:

Goto any popular porn site and search for “Onlyfans” or “Onlyfans username”. Replace username with your creator’s Onlyfans handle. You will definitely get to download Onlyfans videos there.

Google for “Fappening sites” and search for Onlyfans models on those sites. You can also search for Onlyfans videos on forums like to download and save Onlyfans content.

Join various Telegram groups related to Onlyfans or you can also search for any Onlyfans creator on the telegram app itself. You can also search on Reddit for groups & content.

By using above mentioned solutions, you don’t have to subscribe to any creators to download their OnlyFans videos.

How to unlock content on Onlyfans without paying?

Onlyfans offers paid as well as free content. Mostly, You will not get any explicit content without paying. By default all paid pics & videos are locked on Onlyfans, to unlock this content you will need to subscribe to the creator by paying a subscription fee.

If you don’t want to pay for it, you can simply search and download the content online, please read the earlier section of this article.

Can you screenshot Onlyfans?

A lot of Onlyfans subscribers have asked this question and If you are wondering if it’s legal to screenshot on Onlyfans then let me tell you, It’s completely legal provided you don’t share those screenshots online or make a business out of it.

Here’s an official policy regarding taking screenshots while on Onlyfans:

Can you screenshot Onlyfans

As mentioned in the ToS above, you can screenshot Onlyfans content for your personal and non-commercial use, and that’s it. You can’t use it to create any type of derivative work or otherwise share it with anyone.

How to see Onlyfans pics without paying?

If you want to see Onlyfans pics of your favorite creator on Only fans website then there is no other way apart from paying and subscribing. However, You can find and download Onlyfans pictures of any creator online for free. Please refer to the earlier section of this article to know more.

How to download Onlyfans photos

Are you finding it difficult to download Onlyfans photos on your iPhone or Android phone? Well, here’s how you can download Onlyfans photos on your phone or computer:

If you are using iPhone, you can directly take screenshots of Onlyfans videos (hold volume up + power buttons).

If you are having an Android device, Install the “kiwi browser” and downloader extension to download Onlyfans photos. A detailed guide on how to save Onlyfans content can be found in the earlier section.

How to download from Fansly?

Just like Onlyfans, it is not possible to hack Fansly and download videos. So how do you download from Fansly? The answer is using Fansly downloader extension for Chrome. This extension adds download buttons to all the content of your creator and lets you download Fansly videos. It allows you to download images, animated images (gifs), and videos.

Also, beware of scam sites like Fansly video downloader that promises free content like how other scam sites claim to download Onlyfans videos for free.

How to download protected photos from Smugmug?

Smugmug hack: Can you crack Smugsmug servers to download protected videos? If you think it’s possible, then let me tell you, It’s not. However, if you want to download photos, You can simply install Allow right-click extension or If you are a Firefox user, you can simply go to tools >> page Info >> media to download protected photos from Smugmug. I have already discussed this at the beginning of this article.

How to download protected images from Pixieset?

Pixieset is a great online photo-sharing website for photographers that make it easy to share your photos on the web! This is a great place for anyone looking to make great photos available to others in a simple manner.

I believe you do not have permission to download images shared by any of the photographers and you want to download them or look for Pixieset password hack. While there is no Pixieset downloader software, to download protected images from Pixieset, You can simply install “Allow right-click Chrome extension” as mentioned in the previous section and use it to save or download pics from Pixieset.

How to download photos from Smugmug to iPhone

SmugMug is another paid photo sharing and image hosting website that is being used by a lot of professional photographers to host their photos as it is easy to use and saves them their time.

SmugMug has got a photo-protection feature that allows photographers to restrict or disable the download buttons for visitors. Photographers can even allow downloads with restricted photo sizes.

It doesn’t matter what restrictions they put on their photos or videos, If you can view them on your browser, you can always download them on your desktop or cell phone. i.e you can easily save content that gets displayed on your screen just like Onlyfans

While there is no exclusive download helper for SmugMug, we can always use Chrome extensions like Download All Images, ImageAssistant Batch Image Downloader, etc., for bulk photo downloading & Video DownloadHelper (Firefox add-on) for downloading videos.

Bentbox hack – Download photos & videos

Bentbox is another adult photo & video sharing website like Onlyfans that enables its creators to earn money by selling subscriptions.

Like Onlyfans, stay away from Betbox hack sites that promise free subscription or premium accounts. However, you can download whatever images or videos that are visible in your browser window by using the browser extensions listed below.

Google Chrome users: Download All Images & Video Downloader Professional
Mozilla Firefox users: Download All Images & Video DownloadHelper

The above extensions are very similar to other chrome extensions that we discussed and used to download Onlyfans videos.

I hope this article helps you to save Onlyfans content without any difficulty. Let us know if you are facing any issues while trying to download Onlyfans videos and pictures. We will try our best to help you with your issues.

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