Hack Facebook account online – Survey Scam!

[ * ] This post is regarding a survey scam called hack Facebook online that is spreading on Facebook like wildfire.

I just came across this Facebook post: Hack Facebook account online, posted by our fan at our Facebook page. At first, I thought its just a click-jacking attack, but then I recollected its a fan post on the Facebook page. you can check the snapshot of the post below:

Hack facebook account online (PASSWORD Hacking)

I was curious enough to click on it. Taking considerable measures I visited the link and found that the page is offering Facebook account hacking with just a click of a button. you just need to provide Facebook ID and click “Get password”. 

Oh! wait there is a catch over here, to avail the password you need to complete their surveys. which then earns them some $$.

No doubt you will not get the Password even if you complete their surveys. It’s just a Trick to get cash by making false claims. And they do not stop here.

When you successfully complete their survey and you seem to be not getting any password, they have put another option “Get password without survey”. Again its a social engineering trick to make you do something by promising Password of the user.

In the option “Get password without survey“, they have adopted a marketing trick. Wherein they are asking you to share their website on your Facebook wall and 10 different Facebook pages (mainly hacking-related).

You see how nicely they can get visitors as well as optimization for their niche website. Again NO use of doing these steps, as you will never get the Password.

So guys please note this scam and always make research before sharing anything with your friends. We have reported this website to the concerned authority and it will be taken down soon. There are dozens of Facebook password hacking websites that operate with this kind of model.

Please beware of it and share it with your friends.

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