How do I find someone’s IP address on facebook? – Tracing facebook user

“Someone messaged on Facebook from a fake account telling on my boyfriend. He called some of my friends fat and racist and comments bad things on my album pictures. I have a feeling its one of the people i know. Can Facebook trace the IP Address of this person to find out who the hell is this? I’ve sent a message to Facebook but they are slow responders. I need to know now. Please help!”


I often see these kind of messages, Someone calling you/your friends “fat” and “racist”? Big deal. It’s the Internet, the most public of public places. It’s completely your fault for adding some “random dude” that you don’t know. You must understand how web applications work. Anyways here’s the way of finding someone’s IP address on Facebook:

[ * ] This Method no-more works. you can find the new way of getting IP Address here:

Using NETSTAT to find IP address of that User.

To do so we will be using “netstat” command in windows. If you want to know the IP address of a specific person on facebook or orkut or any chat service, there is only one way: Just invite or ping him for a chat and while chat is ON open ‘Command Prompt‘ on your PC (Start >Run>cmd)

note: before trying this make sure you close all the other tabs in your browser. and only facebook is open. also if possible delete all the history and cache from your browser.

When command prompt opens Type the following command and hit Enter.

netstat -an

And you will get all established connections IP addresses there. Note down all the suspicious IP’s

The Next Step is to Trace that user using his IP address.

To do so we will be using IP tracer service. Go to the below address and paste the IP address in the box that says “lookup this ip or website”. It will show you the location of the user.

It will show you all the information about that user along with his ISP and a Location in the MAP. Now in the MAP Just click on “click for big ip address location” in the big picture you can actually zoom in. and try to recognize the area. If any serious matter just note down the ISP details in that page and contact them about the IP. they will respond you.

Other netstat commands:
-a Displays all connections and listening ports.
-e Displays Ethernet statistics. This may be combined with the -s option.
-n Displays addresses and port numbers in numerical form.
-p proto Shows connections for the protocol specified by proto; proto may be TCP or UDP.
-s option to display per-protocol statistics, proto may be TCP, UDP, or IP.
-r Displays the routing table.
-s Displays per-protocol statistics. By default, statistics are shown for TCP, UDP and IP; the
-p option may be used to specify a subset of the default.

  • xclairebell

    I’m lost after netstat – an. Doesn’t make sense

  • Victoria Adamescu

    can i have an answer please…there are many men who are using fake accounts and pictures, and they are asking money from women , with different reasons ..sometimes they are using soldiers pictures and they are asking money…most of the time they are using facebook …how can i trace them…i am really pissed off because of this situation

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  • jaimie

    Someone keeps making fake profiles on facebook and is harassing me. I have the url link to their profile how do I find out the ip address n their location so I can contact authorities n put this to an end?

  • Kimmy Goler

    farts in johns mouth lol

  • welcometothefamily

    suspicios ip addresses ? okay i know im new to this sta thing but how am i supposed to know if the look suspicious ?

  • Mark Niebauer

    I have a hacker and a stalker on facebook. This didn’t work. the Ip’s are all generic ISP and even though I spent a ton of time on this, it yielded nothing. The article seems useless because it won’t find you a specific Facebook user.

  • Gabz Cuestas

    so hard to find which ip was i was sending the chat.. lot of IP address are showing

  • Stephen Gardin

    Please respond. Had friend request. Chatted for a few days. It didn’t seem right from word go. Confronted on facebook. Asked for mailing address for snail mail. Wouldn’t comply Now looking for ip to trace user. Think in africa, not sure. Can you help?