Make money with this new blockchain based CryptoCurrency (100 free coins)

Did you know? Around 8 years back when bitcoin was officially launched, its price was about eight hundredths of a cent. In 2010, exchange value of a single bitcoin rose up to nearly tenfold, from approximately $0.008 to $0.08.

Fast forward to this day, The price of 1 Bitcoin is over $1000. Now imagine how much returns you would have earned had you bought some bitcoins 8 years back.

MASSIVE Returns.

There was this guy from Norway who had bought bitcoins worth $27, forgets about them, and finds they’re now worth $886k. There are many such early birds who had invested in bitcoins and are now millionaires.

Not only bitcoins but other CryptoCurrencies like Dash, Ethereum, etc have shown similar massive returns.

The market cap of CryptoCurrencies is now increasing every single day and as the faith of people in CryptoCurrency increases around the world, more and more money will start coming from stocks, gold, real estates, silver markets, etc into CryptoCurrencies.

As a result, the value of CryptoCurrencies will eventually elevate on its own. In short, the future of money is going to be CryptoCurrencies.

Why am I telling you this?

There is this new blockchain based Cryptocurrency on the horizon called AdsCash that is making its way into secure digital payments. And I want you to benefit from it.

What is AdsCash & Why you should bother about it?

AdsCash is the worlds first secure and decentralized currency for the advertising industry. Its in prelaunch phase and will launch on 12th April 2017. The launch price of AdsCash is just 2.5 cents and is expected to hit anywhere between $2.5 to $25 per coin in the next 12 months from its current launch price.

What’s in store for you?

Create your FREE account and avail 100 AdsCash coins! This is one of the most awaited and viral prelaunch of 2017. Not only will you get the 100 FREE coins which might turn out into $1000 just for creating a FREE account, you can earn commissions as well.

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It is estimated that in a month 1 AdsCash coin would turn out into at least $1 for sure.

Now is the time. Create your FREE account to avail 100 AdsCash coins, spread your links and experience the magic of viral prelaunch commissions.

make money with blockchain currency

Once it launches, all you need to do is buy more coins as soon as possible using bitcoins and maximize your profits.

Can it be a Ponzi scheme?

Of course not, I wouldn’t have posted about this currency had I felt even 1% chance of it being a scam. I have done enough research on my part and I have done background checks of all the people involved in this new CryptoCurrency.

Will my investment grow?

The founders of this new CryptoCurrency are expecting at least $2.5 to upto $25 value for a single AdsCash coin. So definitely looking at the current user base of AdsCash & Cryptocurrency trends it has a huge potential.

Even if it doubles in a month, you will have 200% returns for sure.

Of course its a gamble but it is calculated gambling. Remember Bitcoins price when it had launched was just 8 cents, fast forward to 2017 (after 7 years) its over $1000.

So if you have some extra cash lying in your bank, I would certainly advise you to invest some in this new currency. I am not telling you to invest everything but you can always take a calculated risk before investing some.

If you are looking for safety go buy Bitcoins. It is safe. No matter how much it is fluctuating these days, in a year or two, it will reach $3000 price for sure. But will it get from $1000 to $100k in 12 months? No.

However, if you invest just $100 in AdsCash and in 12 months if its price roars upto $25 from the launch price of 2.5 cents, You will have approximately $100k. Or let’s say in the worst case scenario, If it makes up to just $2.5 a coin in the next 12 months, you will have at least $10000.

Do your math and if you are ready for it, Just Buy more coins.