‘Malaysia Air Plane Found In Bermuda Triangle [Video]!’ – Facebook SPAM Alert!

Just few days back we had posted about ‘Malaysia plane Crash scam‘ surfacing on Facebook, tricking users into promoting the Fake material via Facebook shares and participating in online surveys.

Just when it was known to everyone, Several Scams related to Malaysia Air Plane were reported and were being deleted. And now comes another Survey Scam “Malaysian MH370 Plane Found In Bermuda Triangle with its passengers still alive“, which claims to show video footage of the downed plane when user Shares it on his timeline.

The message is a undoubtedly ruthless scam designed to trick Facebook users into Survey Scam. The people who create these survey scams earn money from affiliate marketing schemes whenever a user participates in a survey. Here is the Original message screenshot:

Malaysia Air Plane Found In Bermuda Triangle


Those who fall for this SCAM and click the link in the post will first be taken to a fake Facebook page and told that they users into doing the scammer’s dirty Marketing work by promoting the message.

Once they have shared as requested, users will then be taken to another fake page that claims to have the video footage. However, a popup ‘Security Check’ window will appear that claims that they must prove that they are human by clicking a link and participating in an online survey or offer.

But, no matter how many surveys or offers they complete, they will never get to see the promised video which doesn’t exist. Please share this Post with your Friends & family and beware of it.