This killer USB Pendrive can destroy any computer system it plugs into

The new USB killer Pendrive v2.0 is out and is quite lethal than its previous version. It can destroy or burn any computer system that has a USB port (USB Host interface). Yes any system, right from smartphones that support USB OTG mode to a TV that supports USB inputs, This compact USB Pendrive can incapacitate all of them.

It takes just a few seconds once you plug it in and it makes sure all the parts get bricked including hard drives.

This is totally a new type of treatment that is able to destroy computer systems physically unlike malware that often erase or steal your important data. The fear of this simple USB device erasing your data and at the same type destroying your computers, physical parts is a very scary thought.

destroy or hack computers with USB pendrive

According to the creator of this USB device, a Russian security researcher nicknamed as ‘Dark Purple’, The principle of operation is as follows:

Connecting this USB to the USB port starts operation of the voltage converter, which rapidly discharges a capacitor, or sends “-220” Volts through the USB interface and repeat the entire process until everything possible in the computer is broken down.

This USB Killer Pendrive fist began gaining attention in March when ‘Dark Purple’ first revealed it. Since then it was a hot topic in the computer security realm. As a proof of concept for this new version 2.0, ‘Dark Purple’ has posted a video that shows USB Killer 2.0, in action.

Dark Purple says that the Lenovo Thinkpad X60 laptop that appears to have been destroyed in the video will “live” as his new motherboard is on the way.

So the next time somebody asks you to just plug in their USB drive to your computer system, you be wary of doing that.


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