The USB killer stick that can burn your computer within seconds is up for grabs

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Remember the USB killer stick developed by the Russian researcher a year ago? The device was designed in a way to destroy the unwanted components. Once plugged in through a USB cord, it can actually destroy any of the sensitive components.

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A year ago it was just a proof of concept and now somebody has actually developed it. It was developed at a level wherein it can get rid of anything that has got it plugged in like to a laptop, TV, or a PC.

Popularly known as USB Kill 2.0 by the technology manufacturers in Hong Kong, this device was a great push towards modernisation of hardware testing for power surges. Thus, when it is connected to any of the devices using a power surge, it shows its effect by destroying the device. It has been sold in the market for $49.95.

How does the device work?

The USB kill starts working when it charges itself through devices (like a laptop, PC, TV, etc) connected with the USB cord. It charges its capacitors through the power supply and suddenly discharges all the matter present in the laptop within seconds.

Within a single second, it charges and discharges multiple numbers of times. Until the USB Kill Stick is removed, it discharges the data of the host device at 200 volts DC power.

Benefits of using the device

The kills stick has provided multiple benefits to many people like journalists, activists and not to forget has been a great boon for the cybercriminals. Using this device, they can keep sensitive data away from the cyber thieves as well as from law enforcement.

However, the developers say that the USB Kill stick 2.0 is developed to allow companies to prevent data theft via juice jacking attacks and also test their devices against the USB power surge attacks.

It is noted that over 95% of the devices present in the market in recent times are prone to the surge power attacks through the USB ports. Anyhow, the devices like models of Apple MacBook are some of the latest devices that are not vulnerable to the attacks.

What is juice jacking?

Juice jacking is a kind of cybercrime where the computer quickly copies the data from a smartphone, laptop, tablet or other devices simply by using the USB charging port cable.

Watch the video demonstration below:

Where it is used?

The device has been utilised by the hardware designers of public machines to have a check on their products like copy machines, photo booths, ticket terminals, airline entertainment systems and a lot more. The check is made to ensure that all the devices can resist electrical attacks.

This device has also been used by the consumer hardware designers of smartphones, laptops, TV, etc. to protect the sensitive devices from malicious attack; testing can be done through USB kill.

The device has been in high demand by the general public too in order to get their own devices tested or kill them.
However, the technology manufacturers have also launched a new product along with USB kill known as Test shield. It is a USB protection shield that helps in protecting the host machine from getting destroyed by the USB killer stick.

Final word

The design and development of this device have been tested and marked safe. It is known to be a high voltage device and strictly recommended for its use only by the adults. The developers of this product as well as the sellers strictly restrict any adverse use or malicious use of this product.

The USB protection shield, the Test Shield can also be bought with the USB kill at just $15.75.

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