Top Internet Security Threats That Never Seem To Go Away

With the growth and development found in the internet world, the security threat still remains a big concern for the users and developers of the web technologies. All the types of security threats have made the web a vulnerable place.

Top Internet Security Threats That Never Seem to Go Away

The use of devices like smartphones and tablets for accessing internet seems to be increasing with every passing day. Hence it’s important to remain alert all the time pertaining to these emerging internet security threats.

The sophisticated attacks are no longer a fiction in the Agatha Christie and Sherlock pages. Criminals and masterminds give shape to their master plans and mould them by choosing their targets, studying them carefully, launching reconnaissance attacks and quietly burrowing their way into the corporate networks.

This is specifically what is coined as criminal logic. This includes an ever growing tools & tactics. This leads to the compromise of the legitimate websites and forcing them to serve Malware for the selection of the visitors. Traditional endpoint security techniques are unfortunately not designed for the understanding of the logic behind these attacks.

Also, there are few security threats, which have been over the web since decades and are never going to go away from the world of internet. Let’s look at some of the top internet security threats, which will remain over the web.


This is entirely an online threat. Today, you will find the phishing scams more convincing than before and are usually delivered through the updates found in social networking sites whose security is successfully compromised.

With the help of phishing techniques, the cyber criminals are able to send out messages to a huge amount of people all across the world in just a short span of time. Even with a small success rate, the cyber criminals are able to spell out for huge profits via phishing.

The Piggybacking Legitimate sites

These websites have been present over the web as a big internet security concern from long. As more and more number of sites today relies over the third party advertisers to make profit, the cyber criminals are able to develop a sophisticated method to leverage the third party advertisers.

This helps to display a number of malicious ads put by the cyber crooks for their own vested interests. Though you will find their deployment methods are consistently changing, more and more cyber crooks are finding out newer ways to piggyback legitimate sites to spread the menace.

The Java exploits

These have consistently continued to terrorize the internet security world for a good amount of time duration. More than one billion computing devices all across the globe are seen Java installed over them. Sadly, this problem has created problems for countless people.

Every time, you see any new update coming, the cyber experts immediately come out with new vulnerability in the updates. Hence if you have Java installed in your machine, you make it completely updated and use it only when the systems are fully updated or else avoid doing so.

A number of viruses and spywares are seen as the threats, which are usually associated with the Java exploits.

Malwares targeting new devices & operating systems

Malwares is among the common internet security threat present since past so many years. Now, you can see the cyber crooks designing malwares specifically for the newly introduced operating systems and devices coming into the market.

Top Internet Security Threats

You could therefore get to see countless malwares being designed by the cyber criminals the moment any new operating system or device is launched by the company. Today’s designed malware are more complex and dangerous as compared to the past ones.

The exploit kits

These are usually discovered in a wide range of shapes and sizes, however, their purpose are simply the same. These are simply designed to check the web based security vulnerabilities over the device of users.

The modern day exploit kits concurrently scan for several vulnerabilities found over the OS and common software. To play safe against the exploit kits, you are supposed to update your software the moment they are launched.

With every passing day, the internet security threats are becoming more complex and challenging. If you want to secure your data and classified information, it is better to know these ever living online security threats and follow competent preventive measurements to protect all your devices.

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