The Real iPhone 5 pics purported by iLab Factory!

Internet has been feeding us with plenty of iPhone 5 leaked pics and concepts. But this time iLab Factory seems to have leaked the best spy shots of the upcoming iPhone from Apple yet(iPhone 5).

iLab Factory is a popular repair shop and that could be the reason it might have come up with these early prototypes of the next iPhone. Though the news is not yet proven, these spy shots of upcoming iPhone can be real, as the previous rumors have that the next iPhone might have a smaller dock connector, wider 16×9 screen with a longer/larger form factor and a metal back. And this iPhone 5 is no different.

real i phone 5 pic 1

real i phone 5 pic 2

real i phone 5 pic 3

real i phone 5 pic 4

real i phone 5 pic 5

real i phone 5 pic 6

[via iLab factory]