Sleeping in Tesla Car – Tesla Camper Mode Hack using USB Device

The electric cars release no emissions and are virtually silent. This makes electric cars, in this case, our Tesla car a perfect emergency shelter for long rides or maybe for a planned camping trip.

While “camper mode” feature is not officially available in the Tesla firmware, A group of Tesla users have hacked their Tesla into a camping tent. The hack involved, putting the car in neutral and manually engaging the parking brake on the touchscreen. This would prevent the car’s systems from turning off. However, you will need to power ‘ON’ drive system in this case.

But what if I told you there is an easy way out to turn on ‘camper mode’ instantly using a USB stick? Yes! instantly, No need to power ‘ON’ drive system.

Sleeping in Tesla model s and model 3

The problem

Forget about camping all night. If you would ever want to take a nap inside your Tesla car, You will not be able to sleep for more than 30 minutes because when the driver’s seat sits idle for more than half an hour, the car turns itself off and the climate control disconnects.

The 17inch touchscreen in Tesla Car behaves just like another touchscreen device which will turn off the screen or the device sleeps automatically when it is left untouched for a particular period of time.

So if you want to keep your Tesla touchscreen from ever going to sleep, You will have to touch or interact with it every 30 minutes. This is stupid if you are planning to sleep all night in your Tesla (Camping mode).

So how do we keep the touchscreen display ‘ON’ all the time without needing to touch it every 30 minutes? Here is the solution!

Preventing Tesla touchscreen from going to Sleep

Everyone knows about Tesla’s USB port, You have been using it for charging your mobile device and playing music from a USB thumb drive.

But little did you know, you can also use it to control the Touchscreen display (using any HID device). Yes! you could use a USB mouse or a keyboard to operate the display.

Now coming back to our main intention, To keep the touchscreen display ‘ON’ without needing to interact with it physically, We are going to use a very simple looking yet powerful USB Stick called ‘USB Mouse Jiggler’.

What is USB Mouse Jiggler?

‘USB Mouse jiggler’ is a device that imitates mouse movements on the screen, thereby preventing the device/laptop from going into sleep mode while you are away.

Sleeping in Tesla Car - Tesla Camper Mode Hack using USB Device

It is commonly used by IT technicians and forensics experts to prevent the system from getting locked while they perform some tests.

It can plug into any USB port and start spoofing what a regular mouse would do by making very fine motions.

Check out: WiebeTech Programmable Mouse Jiggler MJ-3

The best part about this mouse jiggler is that it is programmable and that makes it the best match for us to use it on your Tesla touchscreen display.

How to configure Mouse jiggler for Tesla Touchscreen Display?

To achieve camper mode, We need to configure our mouse jiggler to make fine movements on the upper left corner of the 17th touchscreen display, When plugged in.

This will keep the display active as long as the Mouse jiggler is plugged into Tesla’s USB port. It keeps the 12v sockets, air conditioning and other accessories ‘ON’ while the car is in the park without having to keep the door slightly open or use other tricks.

First, Grab your Mouse Jiggler from Amazon.

Next, download and install the ‘Mouse Jiggler App’ on your computer, We need this to configure your Mouse Jiggler. It is a one-time configuration.

Windows: (32 Bit):
Windows: (64 Bit):

Open the app and plug-in ‘Mouse Jiggler device’ to your computer. Click create a new script from scratch’ and add the events as shown below:

Tesla camper mode hack 2017

You can test it on your computer by clicking the Play button or you could directly deploy it to mouse jiggler device by clicking the USB icon.


The above script may not work for some situations. To make it more suitable, our reader has suggested a new improved script that basically mimics tap, drag, and repeats.

Here it is:

sleep in tesla with screen on script 2

Once you finish configuring your camper Mode USB, Plug it into your Tesla and be ready to have sound sleep inside your climate-controlled Tesla.

If you are really serious about camping out for a night inside your Tesla, I would recommend you watch this guy explaining what you need and how to make your Tesla camping experience perfect.

Note: Ignore his “camping mode” trick since you now know the easiest way.

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