Tech Ramayana by Bill Gates

Once When Bill Gates was in India, he had a chance to listen Ramayana from Atal Behari Vajpayee. After returning to US he wrote it in his personal Diary.

LAN, LAN ago, in the SYSTEM of I/O-dhya,there ruled a PROCESSOR named DOS-rat.
Once he EXECUTED a great sacrifice PROGRAM after which his queens gave an OUTPUT of four SUNsRAM, LSIman,BUG-rat and SED-rughana.
RAM the eldest was a MICROCHIP with excellent MEMORY.
His brothers,however, were only PERIPHERAL ICs. Once when RAM was only 16MB, he married princess ‘C‘ta.
12years passed and DOS-rat decided to INSTAL RAM as his successor.
However, Queen CIE/CAE (Kayegayee), who was once offered a boon by DOS-rat for a life saving HELP COMMAND, took this opportunity at the instigation of her BIOSed maid (a real plotter), and insisted that her son Bug-rat be INSTALLED and that RAM be BOOTED to the forest for 14 years.
At this cruel and unexpected demand, a SURGE passed thru DOS-rat and, he collapsed,power-less.
RAM agreed to LOG INTO forest and ‘C‘ta insisted to LOGIN with him. LSI-man was also resolved on LOGGING IN with his brother.
The forest was the dwelling of SPARCnakha, the TRANSISTOR of RAW-van,PROCESSOR of LAN– ka.
Attracted by RAM‘s stature, she proposed that he marry her.
RAM, politely declined. Perceiving ‘C‘ta to be the SOURCE CODE of her distress, she hastened to kill her. Weeping,SPARC-nakha fled to LAN-ka, where RAW-van, moved by RANSISTOR‘s plight,approached his uncle MAR-icha.
MAR-icha REPROGRAMED himself into the form of a golden stag and drew RAM deep into forest.
Finally, tired of chase, RAM shot the deer, who,with his last breath, cried out desperately for LSI-man in RAM‘s voice.
Fooled by this VIRTUAL RAM SOUND,’C‘ta urged LSI-man to his brother’s aid.
Catching the opportunity,RAW-van DELINKED C‘ta from her LIBRAR and changed her ROOT DIRECTORY to LAN-ka.