Spying on your child’s Whatsapp account using Whatsapp monitoring app

Today’s kids are really fast, they can get accustomed to new situations easily, get along with people easily, learn technologies very fast etc.

When it comes to devices such as smartphones, tablets etc., They probably know much more than you do about the latest features.

These devices are available to the kids from a very young age. It won’t be an exaggeration if I say that the kids grow up with smartphones, tablets and iPads.

At the age of 10 or so, kids are having their own smartphones. Most of the Parents give smartphones to their children so that they can reach them easily when they are home alone or when they are in some kind of trouble.

Teens these days spend most of their time with smartphones and it has become their best companion. They are all active on every social networking sites and apps.

The apps such as WhatsApp, Snap chat, Instagram etc. are very popular with teens as they are free and messages, pictures, videos can be shared easily.

While 16 is the age limit these apps have set to own an account, kids are having them from the age of 10 by giving false information.

Today i will be talking about an app called “mSpy – smartphone monitoring app” which has a much needed feature called “whatsapp monitoring” that allows you to spy on your Childs WhatsApp conversations.

Before i discuss about its working and features, let me tell you why you need to monitor your loved ones smartphone activity.

Why should i spy on my Childs WhatsApp account?

WhatsApp has become very popular these days and almost every smartphone user uses it to communicate with his friends and family.

It has grown up from just a one-on-one messenger app to a platform to form a Group of people that can be used for discussions giving you a larger medium to communicate with new people.

Download whatsapp spy app to monitor chats

The very fact that you can create a WhatsApp group and add your friends to it, There is always a possibility that large number of members that are a part of a specific group that you are being added into are complete strangers.

And teens using WhatsApp are a part of many such private WhatsApp groups. While it is good to interact with others, there are many people who are waiting to take advantage of the kids who are vulnerable.

People who want to exploit and take advantage of kids, find the active kids online and ask them to move towards much private groups where are exposed to inappropriate text messages, pictures, selfies and pornography. This is very dangerous.

It is found in one of the surveys that almost 30% of the contacts found in an average teens smartphone are unknown to them which poses a great threat.

In short your child can be exposed to dangerous situations, exploited, bullied etc. by the predators using whatsapp. There are many cases of kidnapping, murder etc. which happen by talking to unknown people who may be dangerous.

Thus parents should be aware of what their children are doing with their smartphones.

How Whatsapp Spy App works?

The above nasty situations can be avoided by using mSpy app, which can be used to monitor your kid’s online activities.

To get mSpy app: Register on mSpy website

mSpy is a complete tracking software for both PC and smartphones. Once installed on your Childs smartphone, it will start monitoring every activity that takes place on it. Along with whatsapp, it can monitor and spy on many other popular messenger apps as well.

Whatsapp spy features in mSpy:

download whatsapp spy app features

Parents can download and install mSpy on their kid’s smartphone and can start monitoring the WhatsApp conversations and other online activities instantly.

All the recorded information or logs are accessible for you to spy in your online dashboard. Look at this illustration below to understand how the information is recorded and served to you.

whatsapp spy app for recording whatsapp chats

The App is easy to install and is really easy to track Whatsapp with it. But it is always better to notify your kids that they are being tracked and this can really make them to be careful in having unnecessary conversations and other online activities.

Along with Whatsapp conversations, mSpy can track and spy on other smartphone apps such as Facebook messenger, Skype, tinder dating app, snapchat, etc.

The good part about mSpy is that, You can take necessary steps if you find out anything malicious or inappropriate conversations happening on your kids smartphone. You can simply block the feature or blacklist the contacts of suspicious people.

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The easy way of installing and tracking with this tracking softwares makes it very convenient to use.

The “mSpy WhatsApp Spy App” is compatible with Android, iOS, MacOs and Windows PC. With so many tracking facilities, mSpy can be used by parents to monitor/watch their kid’s online activities and get alerts if they find something suspicious.

Download “mSpy WhatsApp Spy App” here