How to Save or Download Protected Images from Onlyfans, Instagram, Flickr, etc.

Sites like Instagram, Onlyfans, Flickr, etc., do not allow their users to save or download photos or videos from their platform since they are copyrighted to individual creators.

Normally, on any website, to save any photo, you would just right-click and save the image or long-press on the photo and save while on a cell phone.

However, that is not the case when it comes to saving any photo or video from sites like Onlyfans. They deliberately disable right-click options or wrap original media blocks with blank generic photo links so as to disallow users from downloading or saving their content.

Not many people know that you can save or download pretty much anything that gets displayed in your web browser. If you are a web developer, you would know that you can inspect web elements or view-source of any webpage and download all the media files like photos & videos.

For normal internet users like you and me, there are many online tools that can do this job for us without much effort. These tools include web browser extensions, 3rd party websites, and browser features themselves.

Below I have discussed specific tools that can be used to download or save photos from sites like Onlyfans, Instagram, Flickr, Smugmug & Bentbox. But before that, I would like to mention this simplest method for downloading any media files from any website using Mozilla Firefox web browser without any add-on or extension.

This method works only on Desktops, So make sure you download and install Firefox web browser on your desktop computer.

Saving photos from sites in Firefox web browser

  1. Open the web page from where you want download the photos or any other media files
  2. Go to Tools >> Page Info >> Media – Scroll down until you see that image in the ‘Media Preview’ box. Click Save As button once you find it.

See the screenshot below:

how to download protected images chrome

Now let’s begin with how you can bypass copy-protection and download photos from various paid media sharing sites like Onlyfans.

How do web developers copy-protect images?

If you are a photographer or content creator, you own the full copyrights to the photographs you take or content you produce, until you transfer copyrights to someone else.

Content subscription services like Onlyfans allow creators to create content and earn money by selling subscriptions to their users. The content is copyrighted to its respective creators.

And in the interest of these creators, sites like Onlyfans protect their photos & videos on their site by employing any of the 2 ways listed below:

  1. Disable right-click on photos
    The JavaScript code below is used to disable the right-click, So the user won’t be able to click on the ‘Save Image As’ option from the menu and in turn he won’t get a chance to save the image.

    $('img').mousedown(function (e) {
    if(e.button == 2) { // right click
    return false; // do nothing!

    However people can still view the source code of your page and find the URL.
  2. Using background-image + data:imagesource
    Using CSS background-image instead of HTML and at the same time using data:imagesource as its location. This particular method is being used by Flickr to protect their creators photos.

No matter what you do, nothing will prevent a simple glance at a network traffic monitor or the “Network” tab of your favorite browser’s developer tools.

How to save or download protected images?

While sites like Onlyfans & Instagram will always take measures to copy-protect their content and prevent users from saving the image files, there actually is no way to prevent a user from doing a particular task.

Let us see how you can download copy-protected images from such websites.

Note: I have mentioned a few Google Chrome extensions and Mozilla Firefox add-ons in this article. While Firefox add-ons will work out of the box on your smartphone version of the app, to use chrome extensions, you would need to install Kiwi web browser since Google chrome doesn’t support extensions on smartphones yet.

Download or save photos from OnlyFans

If you are an old customer of Onlyfans, you would know that once upon a time you could just take screenshots of photos or do screen recording to save Onlyfans videos on your cell phone app. But now all content is blocked from being recorded.

If you try to take screenshots or record screens, You will get a black screen. So how do you save photos from Onlyfans? There is a Google Chrome extension for it and it can be installed from here: downloader for Onlyfans.

This extension automatically adds download buttons next to all the photos & videos of any Onlyfans creators profile.

Of course, for this extension to work you will need to be on the website version of Onlyfans.

As mentioned before, to use this Google Chrome extension on your iPhone or Android device, you will need to install Kiwi browser which supports chrome extensions out-of-the-box.

Onlyfans hack – can you get premium account for free?

Many users are looking for a way to hack Onlyfans to view other users’ profiles without paying the subscription fees. There are tons of sites online that supposedly offer free Onlyfans subscription or so-called Onlyfans premium account.

Look at the below screenshot taken from a website that is offering Onlyfans premium accounts for free.

Onlyfans hack free subscription

It is need of the hour to underline here that such Onlyfans hacks or tools do not exist. These fake hack sites will ask you to complete offers or surveys to be able to get a premium account and once you complete their offers, You get nothing. So stay away from such sites.

Download Instagram photos that are disabled

It is comparatively easy to download Instagram photos & videos. There are dozens of online tools, browser extensions & even a smartphone app wherein you just have to feed Instagram post URL.

If you prefer to download Instagram posts (photos, videos & IGTV) on your desktop then you may want to look at tools like Instadownloader.co, Ingramer, or a chrome web browser extension called Downloader for Instagram.

For Android cell phone users there is an app called Photo & Video Downloader for Instagram which is completely free and doesn’t require you to log in to your Instagram account.

How to download protected Flickr photos

By default, you can download pictures & videos from other members on Flickr as long as they’ve given permission. If the member decides to make their content copy-protected, the download button is disabled.

Here is how to download a protected Flickr photo or video:

  1. Copy the URL of the image you wish to download
  2. Goto Flickr-downloader and paste the URL and click download

Alternatively, If you are a Mozilla Firefox user, you can just go to tools >> page Info >> media to view and save all the Flickr photos on the webpage. I have already discussed this at the beginning of this article.

Also, please keep in mind, it is completely legal to download photos from Flickr as long as you only intend to use them for personal reasons. If you want to download and use photos from Flickr without incurring any liabilities, you must check the license on the image.

How to download photos from Smugmug to iPhone

SmugMug is another paid photo sharing and image hosting website that is being used by a lot of professional photographers to host their photos as it is easy to use and saves them their time.

SmugMug has got a photo-protection feature that allows photographers to restrict or disable the download buttons for visitors. Photographers can even allow downloads with restricted photo sizes.

It doesn’t matter what restrictions they put on their photos or videos, If you can view them on your browser, you can always download them on your desktop or cell phone.

While there is no exclusive download helper for SmugMug, we can always use Chrome extensions like Download All Images, ImageAssistant Batch Image Downloader, etc., for bulk photo downloading & Video DownloadHelper (Firefox add-on) for downloading videos.

Bentbox hack – Download photos & videos

Bentbox is another adult photo & video sharing website like Onlyfans that enables its creators to earn money by selling subscriptions.

Like Onlyfans hack, Betbox hack that promises free subscription or premium account doesn’t exist. However, you can download whatever images or videos that are visible in your browser window.

You can use the browser extensions listed below.

Google Chrome users: Download All Images & Video Downloader Professional

Mozilla Firefox users: Download All Images & Video DownloadHelper

I hope this article helps you in getting media files from the above-mentioned websites like Onlyfans. Let us know if you are facing any other problems downloading photos or videos from any website that has not been listed here.

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