Facebook SPAM: Peshawar Attack footage from Inside the School leaked.

Last week we witnessed the most horrific and senseless terrorist attack in Pashawar, Pakistan. ‘The Peshawar school attack’ that claimed over 140 lives, the majority of whom were children. No cause can justify such brutality. No grievance can excuse such horror.

The whole world cried along and condemned the attack. But spammers on the internet are taking advantage of this heinous crime. A new Facebook spam called “Peshawar Attack footage from Inside the School leaked” has been surfacing on Facebook since last week.

peshawar school attack cctv footage

This Facebook SPAM is luring users by promising them of showing CCTV footage of the whole attack inside the School. While there were no CCTV cameras installed inside the School, there is no such video showing the whole attack or any footage of the same.

If you happen to come across such posts in your Facebook feed, please do not click on it and make sure you report it to Facebook. When clicked it will take you to an external page that disguises as a YouTube video player. If you click the play button, the links of the same will be sent to all your friends and the story will be published on your timeline. Meanwhile it will install adwares on your system as well.

Please be wary of it and inform your friends and family. We share the pains and sufferings of the parents who lost their children and condemn this inhuman act in strongest possible terms.