PC Maintenance Tips – To be Followed by Everyone

PC Maintenance – To be Followed by EveryoneComputers – Some call it a boon to mankind and others say we have become slaves to this innovation. Let rest the disputes, the computers are here to stay for a long, long time as man can do nothing about it. Everything these days is computerized or is at least in the stage of being computerized. Almost every job or service sector is computerized these days. Be it from booking of the railway and air tickets to doing banking, everything can be done at the click of the mouse.

People have drifted towards computers instead completely relying on pen and paper because it reduces the number of blunders to a comparatively higher level. Also, people get to save large levels of data on a computer. People can also opt for additional memory in case you run short of space for storing data on your computer. People can also do complicated arithmetic calculations in just a matter of seconds instead of doing it manually where the input is more tiring. People must be able to access computers easily and on a regular and frequent basis because they have to cope with the advancements in technology.

Since all your important data is stored in the computer, its maintenance is of utmost priority. As the computers play a very influential role in your day-to-day practical life, you must make sure that it is in a proper working condition. In case your computer crashes, you should look for immediate computer help and get it serviced by quality servicemen and have the problem resolved. There are virus types. You have to constantly update your antivirus for attack from viruses.

These days, since the access to Internet has become a lot easier, many problems with relation to computers can be solved by you yourself. This reduces your expenses of having to shell out an amount to a third person who comes onto check your computer. If you search for the problem online, multiple results will pop up. But, you will need an expert’s hand eventually to resolve the problem. At such times, you must be careful in going in for the right service. You are in compulsion to eradicate or remove adware as it can cause problems to the functioning of your system.

You can also register in forums available online. All you have to do is register online and he/she will be able to undertake all the problems related to computers by the respective websites. By registering yourself, you will be able to interact with people who have encountered the same problem that they might have encountered in the past. But, if the problem persists, it is advised that you go to an able and qualified serviceman for good service as you need to resolve the problem ASAP.

here’s are some Basic maintenance tips that all computer users must follow. this will help you keep your computer running smoothly.

Remove programs you no longer use or knew about:
Over time, you may have installed games or utilities that you forgot about or no longer use. Why waste the space? Go to your control panel, Add\Remove programs (or Programs and Features in Vista) and uninstall anything you no longer use. Occasionally you will find a toolbar or other item you were unaware was there!

Cleaning your hard drive of unneeded files:
One of the biggest problems is hard drive useage. Your hard drive has more moving parts then any other in your computer and is constantly adding, deleting and reorganizing files. Because of this, you want to clean your computers hard drive. A great tool for this is CCleaner
Simply open CCleaner, and the cleaner section should be open.
Click run cleaner and wait. Thats it, your done.
It is a very safe tool and has never damaged any of the hundreds of computers I have run it on.

Remove invalid registry entries:
Next up is the registry. Frankly, the registry is overrated as a speed tweak, in general, but it does get large and can contain many invalid references. The registry is not an area for even the average computer user to be playing around in. The good news is CCleaner has a safe registry cleaner built in, so why not clean out old, invalid entries?
Click the issues button.
Click scan for issues.
Click fix selected issues.
Thats it, your done, a safe, fast registry clean.

Startup items:

Here is a HUGE culprit on the average PC. See all those icons in the lower right corner of your screen? Those are all being loaded on startup, and those are not all of them either! If your wondering why you have to wait a minute to use your computer after startup, it is because all of those items are loading after Windows has started. They also use up memory just sitting there. Removal takes a bit more knowledge, or research, then the previous two, but you can do it!

First off, if you know what these items in the tray are and do not need them running, you can either right click an icon and look for options or a “run with Windows” option. Otherwise, you can double click any icon to open the program and look for options from there. Some are easy and common. Quicktime, AOL and RealPlayer are good examples of items that do not need to be there.

CCleaner also has a startup manager. Click tools, then startup. You can delete any unneeded items from there. Be careful, there is no backup, so either look up the program on Google or ask on our forums if you want to know what an item is for. Because the startup loads drivers and some programs you may need, be careful removing items you are unsure of.

Defragment your hard drive
Now that you have removed all of this garbage, you have defragmented files all over your hard drive. Reading and writing data on a heavily fragmented hard drive is slowed down because the time for the heads to move between fragments on the disk surface can be substantial. The files on your hard drive now probably look like a box of tacks after I open them and toss them on the ground. Defragmenting your hard drive would be like the box of tacks still sealed. All neat and tidy and easy to get at.

It is to be noted that owning a computer is not the end of the story. But, the proper maintenance is what counts. You need to take all possible steps to ensure that your computer is crisis-free.