Password pills & Electronic tattoos : The Future of Authentication

If you thought fingerprint authentication, Face recognition and eyeball scanning to be the only futuristic Authentication methods then wait a minute, Motorola is working on a slightly different and a bit serious Authentication mechanisms: A password pill (vitamin authentication) & a Electronic tattoo. Perhaps the most notorious invention till date, the Future is here.

Recently Motorola (now Google-owned company) executive, Regina Dugan explained how exactly the future of authentication is going to be. At the D11 Conference, Regina Dugan, showed off a prototype electronic tattoo on her own arm which is aimed to function as a wearable authentication credentials for almost anything and everything that needs your authentication.

Further she was also keen to showcase a Password pill, (She calls it a vitamin authentication) that can be ingested. Once ingested, You have a super power and you can authenticate yourself by just touching the device or screen accompanied by some chip.

What is Electronic tattoo?

Electronic tattoo also known as Biostamp is made-up of highly stretchable silicon, is applied with a rubber stamp or bandage material. It contains electronic circuit and antennae, and with this model, Motorola is working with MC10 on a tattoo for authentication.

What is Electronic tattoo

MC10 is a company that makes “stretchable circuits” that can be used for skullcaps to detect concussions in sports, or baby thermometers that constantly track an infant’s vitals.

Initially devised as a way for health care workers to monitor patients’ health without having to be in the room with them – its sensors record data such as the patients’ temperature and hydration state. In the form of a temporary tattoo, the technology can attach an antenna and sensors directly on the body.

The good news is that the stamp is easily removable. In fact, if left alone, it will start coming loose by itself in a couple of weeks, says Regina Dugan.

What is Password pill or vitamin authentication pill?

Password pill or vitamin authentication pill is a computer chip that looks like a normal vitamin pills, that can be ingested safely as you would a normal pill. Once inside your body it creates 18-bit signals using a switch that turns on and off, turning your entire body into a authentication tool. Rather than an internal battery system, the pill has copper and magnesium ends which generates electricity to power itself via stomach acids.

Password pill or vitamin authentication pill

Proteus Digital Health, is a company that develops such pills which are already being used in medical applications. The pill contain tiny sensors that help monitor the health of your body. The pills can collect data on how your systems are running, and transmit that information back to an external computer.

Motorola is closely working with Proteus Digital Health to create this pill that would help identify and track you so that you could be physically linked to your all electronic devices. The authentication could be activated by touch, since the human body conducts electricity. when I touch my phone, my computer, my door, my car, I’m authenticated in, as simple as that.

According to Motorola executive, the pill can be ingested every day without any consequence to the health of the person. In fact, the pill has been approved both by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Lastly, Yes! electronic pills leave your system in the normal course of digestion.

The bottom-line is that this technology is surely going to change the way we will be authenticating in near Future and will definitely help us save time that we sped everyday typing login credentials. Ofcourse, it is all going to be optional. Nobody will be force feeding you these pills.

Watch Motorola executive Regina Dugan talking about this technology at the D11 Conference: