Motorola introduces New Authentication Scheme in Skip 2.0 – Bluetooth Key Fob!

Back in 2013, When Motorola introduced Skip NFC clip, it was possible to unlock your Motorola phone with ease just by placing the phone right next to the Skip NFC clip. The Newer version of Motorola Skip (Skip 2.0) features a Key Fob That Keeps Your Phone Unlocked When Near.

Unlike Older version, the new Skip 2.0 will work over Bluetooth connection and will have even more features. The whole concept is to eliminate generic authentication of you phone (i.e PIN or pattern code) and give you direct access to the home screen whenever you are near the phone.


Skip 2.0 is much similar to your car key fob which houses replaceable coin-style CR2032 battery having a life expectancy of about 1 year. You could easily attach skip 2.0 with your existing car key fob, and you will never lose that set again.


Apart from keeping your phone unlocked, this Bluetooth enabled key fob has couple of new capabilities too:

1) Find your Phone
So you misplaced your phone and its on Silent mode. Not a problem, Just Double-tap skips power button and your phone Beeps.

2) Find your Keys (Skip)
Attach skip to your keys set and never lose your keys. Use the Moto app on phone to make the Skip fob Beep, in case you lose it.

Rumors has it that Skip 2.0 is expected to debut on September 4th at Motorola event along with Motorola’s highly anticipated new smartphones and smart-watch.

Source: Droid-life