Planning to Buy a Macbook Air? Take the Bad with the Good!

MacBook Air is the lightest and the thinnest laptop from the house of Apple and one of the most selling products after the iPhone. Since it is created from 100% recycled aluminum, it is considered one of the most environmentally friendly laptops you can find. 

Right from school students to corporate professionals, everyone prefers buying a MacBook Air for easy portability. But like any other product, MacBook Air also has its pros and cons, which every user must know before making the buying decision. 

Pros of MacBook Air – The Good Part

1. Thin & Light

The thinnest and lightest design is a major selling point of the MacBook Air. The thickness dimensions of 0.68 inches that weigh approximately 2.96 pounds are considered to be handy and highly portable.

Students can carry it along to their colleges, universities, and libraries along with heavy textbooks. Corporate professionals can also keep these thinner devices along with them wherever they go. 

Thin & Light macbook air

2. Long Battery Life

Who wants to keep their laptops plugged with the power outlet all day around? Laptops are not meant to stick to a single place, and plugging them for longer affects their portability features. After all, you want to use the laptop for the internet while traveling or visiting public places, right? The long battery life of the MacBook Air makes it one of the most favorite laptops among users in different domains. 

3. HD Retina Display 

MacBook Air comes with 2560X1600 resolution and 227 pixels per inch that reflect a high-quality display. 2018 and later models come with a million more colors than their predecessors. The text appears sharper and looks more clear. The display borders are 50% thinner, which results in better display.

The True Tone technology integrates sensors that measure the light, color, and brightness in the surroundings to automatically adjust the display.

4. Compatible Apps 

Users will find all kinds of applications ranging from work to productivity to entertainment. Some of the office productivity apps such as Pages, Numbers, Reminders, Calendars, Keynote, Maps, and Notes make you more productive by simplifying various tasks. It also integrates photo-editing and music production apps named iMovie and GarageBand, respectively. 

portable macbook air-min

Let’s now discuss some of the cons of MacBook Air to help users make an informed buying decision.

Cons of MacBook Air  – The Bad Part

1. High Pricing 

The higher price tag is the biggest drawback for many as not all users can easily buy it. If you want to buy the latest model, you will have to spend a lot of money on purchasing the thinnest device. You may find a lot of other options with similar specifications that will cost you less than a MacBook Air. 

2. No Touch-Optimized

If you are a creative professional who wants to finish your work efficiently, you may find the no-touch screen quite annoying. MacBook Air is a perfect option for someone who spends a lot of time making notes, watching movies, or writing assignments.

No Touch-Optimized macbook air

Using it for resource-intensive tasks can increase cost, and you will find many alternates at a lower price. 

3. Limited Storage 

The majority of users who want to buy a laptop probably want to invest in something that lasts for longer. The variant of MacBook Air comes in 256 GB, 512 GB, 1 TB, and 2 TB of storage. While many users can afford to purchase the 256 GB variant, they find the 1 TB and 2 TB options beyond budget. With the 256 and 512 GB variants, you will need to clean other storage frequently, which can be time-consuming.

According to this link, you can use multiple ways to free up other storage on Mac and MacBook Air, so the issue is manageable, though it is still annoying.

4. No USB Type-C

MacBook Air comes with standard Type-A USB ports but does not have Thunderbolt 3 or Type-C USB ports. This can be a drawback as the future peripherals will come with Type-C USB connectors, which means that these devices will not be able to connect to the MacBook Air.

USB Type-C allows for faster data transfer, charging laptop, and connecting to peripherals, so lacking it can be a big functional drawback. 

5. Limited Hardware Upgrade

Apple does not allow for hardware upgrades, and if it does, it highly affects the cost. You can customize hardware in MacBook Air pre-purchase, but there is no extra room to upgrade memory, processor, and storage after you purchase the device.

If you want to buy an upgradable device, Windows computers can give you a great deal at a comparatively lower price. 


So there you have it. As you can see, MacBook Air has certain drawbacks and positives to it. Whether the device is right for you depends on a personal preference and the budget. Overall, though, Airs are popular for a reason, and they are reliable.

If you are looking to purchase a new computer, then going with this choice should be a pretty solid and justified decision.

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