List of Blocked Websites In India – 2012

All major Internet service providers(ISP) in India have blocked popular torrent and Video websites in an attempt to fight against online piracy. The ISP’s like reliance, Airtel, MTNL are among the first ones to block torrent websites like,,, etc. One thing ISP’s are forgetting is that Internet is about free speech and No government body can try to control it.

List of Blocked Websites In India – 2012

We have already seen how “AnonOps India” Hacked Into Reliance Servers. Such Unnecessary blocking of websites will only welcome angry people turned hacktivists to commit crime and eventually facing loss in their own business. To fight against this blocking, a group of ISPs in the country had filed an appeal to Madras High Court. And the latest News is that the Madras High Court has lifted these restrictions. According to the Madras High Court, only specific web links should have been blocked and not the entire website.

So this means that service providers in the country will soon restore access to restricted websites. So now onwards instead of restricting access to entire websites, only the links containing the infringed content will be blocked. You will also notice that some of the blocked torrent websites on your ISP are now accessible, All thanks to Madras High court. Here’s the list of currently blocked websites in India (ISP wise):

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List of Blocked Websites – 2012

Airtel Delhi:

MTNL Delhi:

DailyMotion (Screenshot) (Screenshot)

Some users suggest that MTNL Mumbai has blocked all torrent sites.

Reliance Communications :

Mixed reports – We’re able to access all the above sites on a Data card, however, some users are reporting that they’re still blocked.

YOU Broadband

Pacenet Mumbai


Zylog Wi5

Infotel ConnectBroadband

Aircel Edge/3G