how to View Forum Posts without Registering??

Everyone must be aware that the moment you Visit any forum or website to find something, they will ask you to register. All the websites and forums will block unregistered users and you cant view any forum pages without registering, but but Google Bot won’t be blocked. here’s a trick, What we are doing is, switch our User Agent to that of Google Bot and freely browse any website or forum without registering.

So here are the 2 ways to bypass the registration:

1) FireFox Users: Install The User Agent Switcher extension


This Addon adds a menu and a toolbar button to switch the user agent of the browser. * Go to Tools-> Default User Agent-> Search Robots-> GoogleBot What it actually does is that its set the User Agent of your Brower to a Google Bot’s. Which is allowed entry without registration.

2) For All other Users Checkout BugMeNot.com


It’s a free online service where people share login information of thousands of websites and forums. Enjoy! Just type in the site URL where in you want to login without registration. Also do share your user names and passwords for others, but please don’t change other’s UN and Pass.