How to Get Someones IP address – An Advanced Guide

Have you wondered how to get someones IP address? Do you want to know from which country an email was sent to you? As you are probably aware of, the IP address is a numerical and consists of 4 numbers, each separated by a period. For example, 69.453.342.23.

Using the IP tracer techniques given here, you can find out easily enough. We have 4 methods on how to find someones IP address, so let’s get started!

[ * ] To know your IP address, Just Google “IP address”.

How to Find IP address of a Website

If you’re using Windows, click on “Start”, go to “All Programs” and then on “Accessories.” You will get a Command Prompt where you can ping the URL of the website of the person, whose IP address you want to find. Doing so will send a signal to the URL you are interested in, which then bounces back along with the website information attached. You can also find out how long it takes for the round trip.

Get Someones IP address

Let’s see how this works.

Just type “ping URL” – where URL = or Now, click “enter”. You will find IP address appearing alongside the website name, along with the number of milliseconds it takes for the entire operation. Press return/enter. The IP address should appear beside the website name, followed by how many seconds or milliseconds were taken by the ping.

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How to Get Someones IP Address from the Email?

To find IP address of an email sent to you, first, open your email client. Look at the message’s headers.

If you are using a Mac, click View > Message > All Headers.

If you are using a PC, click Options. There, click on the dialogue box launcher > Message Options dialogue box (Properties) > Internet Headers.

Here, just next to the Received section, look out for something such as “from…” followed by the IP address. Select the IP address, say, 69.342.453.563 and copy to the clipboard. If the message says Received from, we have to check if this is really true.

If you are using Windows, repeat the method we used earlier to get the Command Prompt. The only difference is, rather than pinging the address, we are going to use the whois check.

Just type whois 69.342.453.563 on the command prompt and click Enter. What happens is that the information will be transported to the database, a database query will be performed and it will come back to you with the registration information for the IP address.

So what this allows you to find out is if the message was actually sent from Twitter or not. In fact, you will get the complete address of the domain registrar as well. So, that’s how to find IP address of someone using the information from his email.

If you don’t want to use your own computer to find out the whois information or do not have the permission to do so, what you can do is to use an online service such as to find the whois information. This serves the same purpose as an IP tracer and gets you the whois information of the person.

How to Find Someones IP Address using an External Website?

There are several websites online that allow you to find someone’s IP address as well as location. One we like is Here’s who to find IP address using this website. It takes just 3 simple steps

Visit the website

[ * ] In detail information here: Trace Facebook users location

First, enter your email address and click on “Get Link”

Second, send the person whose email address you want to find a perfectly innocent looking link given to you by the website.

Third, once your email correspondent clicks on the link, a hidden script will get activated and it emails their IP address to you, as well as their geo-location. As simple as that!

Other Methods to Get the Geo-location of someone’s IP Address

Just Google “IP Geolocation”. You will find a large number of sites that offer to find the geo-location of the person using their IP address. To use these services, you will need to find IP address first, which you can find out by using the first two methods given by us.

These websites will tell you which ISP or internet service provider the person is using, or whether he or she is using an ISP belonging to a company. You can also find out the approximate (but not exact) physical location of the person. These services are limited as you cannot find out the name of the person who is using the IP address, as ISPs are very wary of revealing such information. Only government agencies can ask them for this information. Or, you can use a court order to force them to part with the information if it is for an important enough reason.