How to Get back old facebook profile? switch to old facebook profile From new profile!

Online stats proved that most of the Facebook users are unhappy with the new profile and so do i. I believe this is the worst “exciting” change from Facebook. Why would one want to see over and over again, at the most prominent spot, where somebody was born or where they went to school? ..UNCOOL. The main feature am missing in the new profile is ‘THE HEADLINE STATUS!’. We used to have our most recent status update stored at the top of our profile page! It’s not there any more! I really want that feature back.

How to Get back old facebook profile switch From new profile  how to change the new facebook back to the old new trick to go back to the old profile

When facebook unveiled the new profile, They also quoted “Once you switch to the new version of your profile, you cannot return”. But unfortunately facebook could not prevent this hole. Remember the old Facebook trick of getting invisible on facebook by temporarily deactivating your account and then again reactivating it?, We will be using the same trick to get back your old profile. And the good news is this trick really works and All your data remains safe when you deactivate your account temporarily.

ATTENTION! : This trick no longer works since Facebook has patched this method. Stay tuned, we will come up with new trick.

So lets see how you can get back your old facebook Profile:

note: If you are Admin at any page, groups or events, Your admin status will not be automatically restored after activation.

Step 1: Go to Account option.(Click ‘Account’>> ‘Account settings’)
Step 2: At the end of the page, Click on “Deactivate” option next to Deactivate Account option.
Step 3: Under “Reason for leaving ” check on “This is temporary. I’ll be back”. (do not alter any other fields)
Step 4: Click ‘confirm’. You will be asked to Enter password and CAPTCHA code for security reasons. Kindly, Proceed.
Step 5: After some Minutes (atleast 5 minutes) Re-login to activate your account again.

That’s it. Once you login into your account you will be able to see the old Facebook profile. Your all information are intact as you can see from the image below.

In case if you are not aware of facebook Profile, Check out the Video below: