How to Change the ICON of .EXE file or any program files icon ?

How to Change the ICON of .EXE file or any program files icon You may need to Change the ICON of exe file when you are playing with keyloggers. when you create a custom keylogger for your Victim, it will take built-in icon of the keylogger. so to make it more realistic and to give it more fines you must change the icon of that exe program file to something that is more interesting for eg: you can change the ICON to “png icon” or ‘mp3 file icon’. Obviously your victim will find it interesting and will click on it, thinking it is an image or mp3 file.

So here’s a nice tool called ‘ICON Changer‘ from shell labs, which modifies the exe file and will embed the ICON of your choice into the file itself ie  The tool changes the exe ICON permanently. Remember in  the Free trial of this software you can change icons of only 3 exe files. Follow the Steps Below:

  1. First Download ‘ICON Changer‘ and Install it.
  2. ‘Right Click’ on the .exe file whose ICON you want to change and Click ‘Change Icon’ option. This will open up the Icon Changer program.
  3. Click on ‘Search’ Button. Icon changer will now search for all the ICONS on your system so that you can select any one of those.
  4. Now select the ICON of your choice and click on SET. Now a pop-up window will appear and ask you to select from either of two options. From these select ‘Change embeded icon’.
  5. You have successfully Changeed the ICON of your exe file.

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