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How to Backup Twitter Account? – Download your Tweets & Followers

How to Backup Twitter Bird  Account Download your Tweets FollowersWe have already seen how you can backup your facebook account by following simple steps. Now its time to backup your Twitter Account. Though Twitter has not yet launched its official backup service there are many 3rd party websites that will help you download your twitter account. None of us would like to lose all the tweets and followers, in case your account gets deleted, so it is better to take backup of your tweets and followers. Below i have Listed 2 such 3rd party web tools that will help you to download your Twitter account efficiently for Free.

1) TweeTake

Taking backup at TweeTake is as simple as logging into your Twitter account and posting a Tweet. To take back you will just need to login at TweeTake with your Twitter account and Tweettake will provide you the Download Options. With Tweetake you can take backup of items like tweets, followers, friends, favorites and Direct Messages. i recommend check ‘Everything’ to download the whole Twitter account. Click here to Backup at Tweetake

2) TweetBackup

The Good part about TweetBackup is It provides you daily backup of Twitter data and guess what even bill gate loves TweetBackup. The sign up process is little lengthy than TweeTake and requires you to provide your email address. First you need to connect TweetBackup credentials to your Twitter account. to do so first click the Button that says ‘Sign up now using twitter’. after the sign up process gets over, just login with twitter account. Click here to Backup at TweetBackup

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