5 Things you should know when hiring a dedicated team from Ukraine

Big firms, top enterprises, and companies around the globe today are constantly in search of experts and specialists to execute their numerous software projects.

As an individual or a company, you can choose to hire these professionals or experts and manage them, or you can decide to hire a dedicated team from Ukraine.

Ukraine is one of the world’s biggest technology hubs; it also has the world’s best IT companies. All other IT companies in the world are heading towards Ukraine to recruit experienced and skilled developers.

Based on statistics from European Tech, in 2019, Ukraine was ranked 9th on the list of countries with the highest numbers of software development professionals. In the year 2020, Ukraine’s IT experts recorded a 20.4% growth in terms of numbers.

iOS Android developers from Ukraine

Ukraine has software developers ranging from individual contractors to freelancers and individual entrepreneurs. It is no longer news that Ukraine has become the hiring ground for top software companies in the world; the sole reason for that is because Ukraine has thousands of talented IT specialists.

You can also hire a dedicated remote dedicated development team from Ukraine without much stress. Keep on reading to find out more.

Hiring a dedicated team from Ukraine

Before discussing how to hire a dedicated development team in Ukraine, it is of significant importance to also know the advantages of hiring from that country.

  • Quality Services: Ukrainian dedicated development teams are unique and highly creative; they are also at the forefront of daily software developments.  Ukraine has very recent information on software development, which enhances the giant strides they are making daily as regards software developments.
  • Educational and Professional Experiences: Ukraine ranks 4th in the world when it comes to the number of people with high educational qualifications, both at the degree level and at the master’s level. Also, the country works on large-scale services and products that involve thousands of its software developers.
  • Number of Development Companies: There are over 1600 software development companies in Ukraine. The companies in Ukraine have very dedicated software development teams, these teams consist of professionals and experts. Also, some of the top sectors in Ukraine that IT and application development teams work in are: IT, ecommerce, finance, medical, and business sectors.
  • Technical Graduates: Ukraine has over 370 universities that graduate students annually; about 34,000 of the graduating students are from the IT department.  In the year 2015, an approximated number of 60,000 ITI specialists were found in Ukraine; in recent times, the number has grown to over 150,000 IT specialists.
  • Time Zone: The time zone in Ukraine is -GMT +2 (in the summer, -UTC +3). This simply means that the business hours in Ukraine will be almost the same as the working hours in Europe.
Things you should know when hiring a dedicated team from Ukraine

Now that we have established reasons why you should hire a development team from Ukraine, it is only right that we go on to see ways in which you can hire dedicated development teams from Ukraine.

  1. Requirements: The first step you need to take is to outline your requirements, which should include; the size of the team you are about to hire, project descriptions, and all other key aspects of the software development.
  2. Team: The Next Step is to get a team; you can easily hire a dedicated team from Ukraine online.  You can also check out freelance platforms like Upwork.com, portals like Clutch, or any other job-hosting websites. These Websites will give you data about specialists and experts who are ready to take up your work.
  3. Selection: Thirdly, you will need to evaluate the; technical skills, English language level, and technical experience of the team you are about to hire. Ukraine as a country has a sufficient level of the English language, so language will not be a barrier.
  4. Integration and Collaboration: Now that you have a team you want to work with, it is important that you choose a mode of management, the schematics, and the tools that will be used by the team.

The above guidelines will help you find or hire a dedicated team from Ukraine.

You have all the information you need about hiring software development specialists from Ukraine, all that you need to do now is swing into action.

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