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Hammer Twitter & Facebook Streams inside your Google+ Account!

In an attempt to prevent losing user base to Google+, Facebook quickly rolled out its much talked video chatting feature “Video calling” powered by Skype. looks like Facebook is afraid of this new awesome social network. So much so that it recently Blocked the chrome Plugin which was designed to Import your facebook friends data (such as emails).

The plugin was created by Mohamed Mansour exclusively for Google+ users, so that they could easily find and connect their facebook friends on Google+, But as soon as Facebook officials caught up with this plugin, they quickly blocked it saying it was against their terms and conditions. However the developer has promised to release the newer version as soon as possible. Checkout: Facebook Friend Exporter.

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Seeing the hype of Google+, the developers are now building browser plugins to make  Google+ more Awesome. The 2 such popular chrome Browser plugins for google+ are: Google+Facebook & Google+Tweet. These plugins can import your News Feeds from Facebook & Twitter and Integrate it inside your Google Plus Account!

integrate facebook and twitter in google plus

There are already lots of browser plugins available that can feed you, all your facebook & Twitter Updates Stream inside the Browser. But these 2 plugins are unique in their own way, Instead of hammering facebook or Twitter buttons on the Browser, they will modify the UI of Google+ & hammer the Stream Buttons right inside your Google Plus Account, beside your regular google+ Steam. So take a look at these plugins here:

#1. Google+Facebook (Get this Plugin)
Google+Facebook allows you to see your Facebook stream inside Google+. Simply Connect to Facebook, and get all the updates on your Google+ Facebook tab.

google plus facebook
The Google+Facebook extension is currently available for Chrome and Firefox browsers only. Due to https:// security level issues with Internet Explorer, Google+Facebook is not available for IE.

#2.  Google+Tweet (Get this Plugin)

Google+Tweet integrates a full featured twitter client inside your Google Plus Account. Just sign in with twitter and your dashboard will look like this :

google plus twitterFeatures :
Short URL’s through
Share Photos through TwitPic
Share Videos through TwitVid
Share your location
and watch your timeline!

Soon it will allow you to see mentions of you, you inbox, sent messages and your tweets.  Also Don’t forget to Add me on Google+ – Click here