The Truth behind Facebook Hacking Software “007 facebook hack v1.0”

Disclaimer! : The purpose of this post is to make you aware of fake hacking softwares. We do not encourage you in any manner to try these software’s.

Are you looking for this software called “007 Facebook hack v1.0” also known as “James bond Facebook hack” that can hack your friends Facebook password in minutes? If yes then you are at the right place. According to this Software, you just need to input your friends profile id and the email id he has used on his facebook profile. Once you feed these two things to this software, it will automatically reveal the password of your Friend. Quite Unbelievable!.

Hacking FB Accounts using 007 facebook hack v1.0
First let me ask you something, Are you damn sure that you can cheat Facebook’s login using this piece of horse-shit software? are you so confident that this stupid software called 007 Facebook hack v1.0 will hack any Facebook password within Minutes?, If you feel so then how about hacking Lady Gaga’s Facebook account? Right now? You cant. believe it.

There is no such software available that can hack facebook passwords that easily. So who created such fake software’s? ofcourse hackers. By installing such Fake software’s you are exposing yourself to potentially high risks. These software’s are actually spywares, that once installed on your system, will rapidly upload any sensitive data of yours like credit card details or saved passwords to the creators server.

Also in most cases, they will ask you about your Facebook login credentials in order to hack your friends account, this is absolutely rubbish. Still some people for for such Facebook hacking software’s and end-up loosing their own Facebook account. So i just wanted to let you know that Facebook hacking Softwares like ‘007 Facebook hack’ do not exists. They are just a piece of shit programs that carry malwares/adwares along to infect victims computers. Stay away from such softwares.