7 Practical Ways to Hack Facebook Account with Preventive Measures

A comprehensive guide on how to hack Facebook account in 2020.

Most people rely on social media platforms such as Facebook to share every detail of their lives without caring much about privacy.

Although it is a major source of information, entertainment, and news for billions of people across the world, and that marketers use it to reach a wide range of customers worldwide, Facebook is not fully immune to cyber-attacks and can be hacked like any other computer system.

The majority of people today want to understand how to hack any Facebook account. But this has not been successful due to a lack of enough information about this topic.

Additionally, many websites are claiming to have found tools that can be used to hack any Facebook password successfully. In reality, however, such tools are scams and do not actually exist.

Moreover, the tools that are argued to be helpful cannot be able to download the file containing the password without going through various surveys.

Even after completing such surveys, there is no guarantee that the process will be successful. You should therefore not waste your invaluable time getting such tools because they are only there to make money.

Routinely, I get dozens of emails from users asking me how to hack their girlfriend’s Facebook account without her knowing, and some are even ready to pay me as much as I wish.

Taking this into account, I have drafted this article for all the Facebook users out there, who are curious to learn about Facebook hacking and how hackers compromise their target account.

The article takes you through seven practical and effective ways to hack any FB account. Ensure to read the guide carefully while taking notes on how to protect yourself from being hacked with the same techniques.

Facebook hacker - How to hack fb password

Earlier, I had written an article on how email hacking works and I had covered all the basic techniques used by hackers. In this post, I have explained basic plus other known ways to hack Facebook account.

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How to Hack Someone’s Facebook Account?

Below, I have curated 7 practical hacking methods that are currently being used to hack or steal any Facebook user’s login credentials.

Let’s get started!

Phishing – Creating a fake Facebook login page

Phishing is one of the most used techniques for Facebook hacking. Apart from being the most effective, it is also considered relatively easy since no special computer knowledge or technical skills are needed.

A lot of people have fallen victims to this method because of the general reliability of the phishing pages.

It involves creating an exact copy of a particular website such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and etc, with the main purpose of stealing sensitive data such as credit-card information, or the password of the users.

In our case, it refers to creating a fake Facebook login page that looks exactly and incredibly the same as the original one.

Once you create such a page, you will need to use a different URL pattern that seems to be real. Examples of fake Facebook URLs include www.facebouk.com and www.faecbook.com.

When your victims go to such pages, they will be requested to enter their login details as usual. Upon clicking the login button, the details are sent to the hacker (you) directly. But it is not of must that they hit the login button, the details can be fetched instantly as the victim types.

Note that this Facebook hacking method will only be successful when the users fail to realize that the pages are not legitimate.

How to create a fake Facebook login page?

To create a login page to obtain any kind of password, go to shadowave.com and create your account. You will be given an ID, and once you log in, you will find two links starting with the name scams.

Copy any of the links and send it to the person you want to steal the login details from. If everything goes well, you will see the password of the victim in the “My Victims” folder.

The best way to send the phishing link to your victim is by email, Have a look at this phishing email intended to hack your Facebook account.

Facebook Phishing Girl scam

As you can see above, The hacker just tricked his victim in such a way that the fake email from Facebook appears to be the legitimate one.

The disadvantage of this method is, it’s a little difficult to trick people because everyone is aware of it.

This method can be the ideal one, when it comes to hacking users who often browse their Facebook feed on their smartphones as on the smaller screens hardly anyone would check the URL of the web page, isn’t it?.

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How to protect yourself from Facebook phishing?

Use the antivirus software with an “anti-phishing” property to protect yourself. Avast is one of such antiviruses with such a great feature. Avoid replying to suspicious emails or clicking attachments from people you don’t know.

Wherever pop-up screens appear on your browser, do not put your login information there. You can also tell of any suspicious emails at spam@uce.gov for extra security

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DNS spoofing / DNS cache poisoning to steal Facebook login credentials

This is recognized as one of the most dangerous kinds of attacks you can ever perform on your target users. It is hard to detect and works on victims on the same network as the hacker, possibly you.

The trickiest part about this method is that the hacker redirects all the requests performed by the DNS server and also all the traffic to his or her computer.

Such requests are then manipulated maliciously by the attacker with the main intention of stealing sensitive data.

To use this method in your Facebook hacking endeavor, ensure that you are using Kali Linux OS. It doesn’t matter whether you have dual-booted it with windows, or whether it is native boot or VM. Everything will work perfectly.

In addition, see to it that your victim is on the same network as you, either on WLAN or LAN.

Now open the application tab on your computer, go to the Exploitation tools, and select Social-engineering toolkit (SET).

Configuring this attack method is easy

Just open the file etter.conf in the /etc/ettercap/ folder using G-edit program.

Edit the values of gid and uid to 0.

Then go to the line with the name Linux, where it begins by saying whether to use ‘iptables’. Remove the hash sign (#) and you are then done configuring your file for DNS-Spoofing attacks.

The next step is to launch the Ettercap application. You can open it via Terminal by entering “ettercap –G” without quotes.

After opening it, move your cursor to Sniff >> start unified sniffing. Click OK.

Ensure that you choose the correct sniffing interface you are using on the network. Then navigate to Hosts >> Scan for hosts.

This should take some seconds or minutes to finish according to the speed of your computer or the size of the network. Next is going back to Hosts >> Host list. Here, select your target and choose the DNS spoof to run.

Select the Mitm >> ARP-poisoning and select “Sniff remote connections”. Click OK. Computers on the same network will be sniffed.

You can use “ettercap –T –q –i eth0 –P dns_spoof –M arp // //” command without quotes on your terminal while remote connections are being sniffed. When the target opens any page on Facebook, all their request and traffic will be directed to your phishing page.

To protect yourself, ensure the websites you are using have an “HTTPS” prefix or there is a padlock at the beginning of every URL. Your antivirus is also supposed to be up-to-date for full protection.

Using spy app (keylogger) to steal Facebook passwords

Keylogger is a piece of software that captures the keyboard strokes entered by your victim. Employers use them to monitor their employees.

The fact that it can capture keyboard strokes, it can also capture or record usernames and passwords entered by a person. This is the reason Keyloggers are mostly used as a hacking tool rather than using it as a monitoring tool.

Keylogging is the simplest and the most practical way of hacking a Facebook account. Anyone with basic knowledge of software/app installation can install and use it with ease.

These days, spy apps for cellphones are more popular than those designed for computers. This is probably because about 8.9 billion people, according to GSMA-data, are connected to mobile networks globally. That means that almost every adult has a cellphone that he or she uses to surf the internet or use social media networks like Twitter and Facebook.

One of the best spy applications for cellphones is mSpy. To use this application, an attacker must install it in the target user’s smartphone. What it does is, monitors every keystroke event the user types through his or her keyboard including sensitive data like passwords.

It works in real-time and runs in the background automatically. It is therefore hard for the victim to detect it easily. Once the data is captured, it is sent to the Facebook hacker directly.

I recommend the mSpy app for hacking Facebook passwords and for other sophisticated Spy features that it offers.

Get it here: mSpy – ultimate spy app!

This spy app runs in a complete stealth mode and thus remains undetected.

Facebook Keylogger – Spy App for smartphones

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The app can be used by both business owners and parents. The latter can use it to monitor the online behavior of their children, and the former to track the activities of their workers.

It works for all the platforms, that is iOS and Android, and rooting is not necessarily required. Other than keylogging and checking Facebook messages on Messager, an attacker can use it to monitor or track Call Logs, WhatsApp, and SMS of their target.

Moreover, it can be used to take screenshots, view photos, contacts, and others remotely. The app is worth using and is currently in the 6th version.

Once you become a member of mSpy, your task is to install the spy app module on your victim’s smartphone.

It’s comparatively easy to install this app on your kid’s or spouse’s smartphone than your friends or any other smartphone that you don’t have physical access to.

Targeting a remote smartphone is a bit difficult job. However, It is not impossible as our brains come pretty much hard-wired to be tricked

Professional hackers do this by using various social engineering techniques, for example, if I were gonna install this spy app on my friend’s smartphone, I would wait and watch him for a perfect opportunity, request him to grab his smartphone to make a call, or browser something on the web and perform sleight of hand trick to install the app.

Keylogger for desktop users:

Keylogging applications for desktops are also installed in the same manner as cellphones and work exactly the same.

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Apart from pure software keyloggers, there are hardware keyloggers that are coded to run via USB drives. But the USB containing the key-logger should be connected to the victim’s computer for a long time, possibly until your job gets done.

A hardware keylogger is a small USB device just like a pen-drive with internal memory and WiFi access capabilities.

All the captured keystrokes including Facebook usernames and passwords will be stored in the internal memory of the keylogger device that is also accessible anytime over the WiFi network.

Checkout: Wi-Fi Premium USB MCP Hardware Keylogger 2GB

Best USB keylogger

A hardware keylogger is plugged inline between a computer keyboard and a computer. It logs all keyboard keystrokes to their internal memory.

As this is a hardware keylogger it works on all operating systems; Windows, Mac OS, Linux with no issues.

This method yields the best outcome when you have physical access to your victim’s cellphone or computer.

To protect you from being a victim of these loggers, avoid installing applications or programs from sources that you are not used to.

Also, avoid opening documents and files from sources that are unverified. Playing media files from unfamiliar sources and also inserting flashcards that are not scanned by Antivirus software should be avoided.

The “Forgot Password” method to reset Facebook password

This is another useful method that you can use to get the password of your victim.

It has been known for quite some time that the page that people are directed to when they click the “Forgot Password” option in Facebook has a vulnerability and attackers can use it to their advantage to hack any account.

To start using this technique, go to the login page on Facebook, and instead of entering the necessary details, click the “Forgot Password” option. On the new page, enter the email/phone of the target user and click search.

If the user is associated with the provided details, his or her name appears on the page.

Click the link that says “This is my account” and you will be directed to another page that requests you to choose a method that is easier for you to recover the password. This can be the phone number or email address of the user.

Forgot Password method to hack facebook

Using victims cellphone to reset password

If you have access to the victim’s cellphone, choose the one you have access to and click “Submit”.

A code will be sent to the chosen method of recovery in order to reset the password. If you have access to that code, then you will be able to log in to the Facebook account of the target user.

Guessing answers to the Security question

In case you don’t have access to any of those (victims phone or email), Mouse click “No longer-have-access to these”, After clicking “This is my account”

You will be taken to a page that asks you to answer the security question selected by your target victim. Now if the target is your friend or family member, It will be relatively easy for you to guess the answers to their security question.

Guessing Answers to a Security Question, Is the First thing any Facebook Hacker would do to Compromise somebody’s Account.

Once you get the answer to the security question correctly, you will be able to reset the victims’ password.

Bypassing Facebook’s security question

You could also bypass the question and take the help of 3 mutual friends, to know more read how to bypass Facebook security question.

You can protect yourself from this hacking method by ensuring that you check your emails regularly for any suspicious activity on your Facebook account.

Guessing Facebook users password

Anyone can obtain access to any account by just guessing the password of a particular person.

This is mostly possible when such people are using a weak password such as their birth date, pet name, maiden name, or even old phone number. Other commonly used passwords include nickname, girlfriend or boyfriend name or their combination or even their phone numbers, closest friend’s name, mother’s or father’s name, car or bike name, ID number, and baby’s name.

Some people use a combination of numbers or letters such as 123456, 111111, abc123, QWERTY (first six letters of the keyboard), password, 12345678, Password1, etc

To be able to hack accounts with such passwords, just go to the login page of Facebook and enter the email/phone of the user. Start guessing their password with the above possible names and letters until you are in. You can try your luck by having the mind of your victim.

Think of the possible password combinations they might use based on their characters.

If you want to be safe from this method, make sure to create a super-strong password that cannot be guessed by other people. Use a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters for a powerful password.

Also, you can go to the Security setting on your Facebook account and enable login alerts. Add your phone or email and whenever someone logs in to another device, you get notified so that you can change your password.

Revealing saved Facebook passwords in web browser

The majority of people save passwords in their browsers so that they are not asked for their login details anytime they access their accounts. This makes such people not only vulnerable to Facebook attacks, but also other sensitive accounts that can expose financial data, including credit card information.

Saved passwords can be viewed by entering this link “chrome://settings/passwords” on the chrome browser of the victim. But the passwords are only viewable if the option to save the passwords is enabled. Because its passwords are hidden by default, you see the real password by clicking the “eye” shaped button just beside the username and password columns.

To be able to view passwords on multiple browsers, download a tool called WebBrowserPassView on the victim’s computer and launch it to see all the saved passwords.

You can also download it on your computer and carry it via USB drive wherever you go. To do this, make sure to download the program without the installer so that you may be able to use it on your flash drive without having to install it on the victim’s computer.

The program includes an option to store the passwords in a “.txt” file so as to be used later.

You can avoid being hacked using this method by clearing all the saved passwords in chrome and other browsers. This can be followed by disabling the “Saved Passwords” in such browsers. Each time you log into any accounts, you will be required to enter the login details manually.

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Man in the middle attack to steal FB password

This technique usually happens on unsecured LAN networks such a Wi-Fi in an internet café or coffee shop where an enormous number of people gather to use the same internet connection.

The method is not easy to detect since the users think that the attacker is the webserver.

The attacker will access the computer of the victim remotely without the system detecting the activity as it recognizes the link between the server and the victim’s computer as secure. Meanwhile, the hacker is stealing passwords and any other sensitive information from the vulnerable computer.

The method can also be used to fool victims to connect their personal devices to a Wi-Fi network that is not legit. A wide range of tools can be used to perform this attack such as a wireless network adapter, raspberry pi, and Wi-Fi pumpkin.

You can use them to hack your Facebook account within a fraction of time. They are also very affordable. The hackers direct the victim’s traffic to their fake routers where they extract sensitive details such as credit card data and passwords.

User is advised to avoid connecting their devices such as laptops and smartphones to the networks that are not secure if they wish to protect themselves from this method of attack.

The rise of Facebook hack tools & websites

There is a multitude of tools & websites that claim that they can provide you with the credentials for any Facebook user.

These fake Facebook hacks are far from being usable or reputable, and this is why you should try to stay away from them, mostly because these aren’t secure, and they will, most of the time, come with malware, so installing them is not an option at all, instead what you need to do.

The reality however is that all passwords and login data provided by such applications won’t work almost all the time, and this is why using them is a waste of time.

Not only that, but you will also get your computer infected with malware as well in the process, so it’s a good idea to avoid using such a tool. We are going to focus on some of the most popular Facebook hacking apps and the threats that they carry.

  1. hackfbprofile.com: This web-based application has always claimed the fact that they can provide the credentials for any Facebook account in less than 2 minutes.
    Does it work? Of course, not, they will require you to go through a survey so that you can make them money and then you will enter the hacking panel which looks fishy at its best. Bottom line, it’s important to stay away from this site.
  2. fbhackapp.com: This particular app uses a brute force algorithm in order to supposedly break the credentials of any Facebook account. It doesn’t work, and multiple security applications have detected it as being filled with malware, so it’s a very good idea to stay away from it at all costs.
    This app meddles with your cookies and uses a proxy, which might redirect you towards malicious servers where your cookie data is sent.
  3. haqable.com: One of the things that make this app very appealing is the professional interface that the software developer has created specifically for it.
    Don’t be fooled though, this app is similar though to the one above, which means that you might encounter the danger to lose your IP address, cookie and other personal data while using it.
  4. hackersfb.org: This web based application is far from being reliable. It has a fishy interface and you can see right from the start that it can be close to impossible to actually determine where your mail is sent.
    The website is suspicious and there is no way to know if the mails you use are stored in a database and then sent for a profit. Pretty much like in the case of the ones displayed above, we recommend you to stay away from this tool, it’s crucial to do such a thing as fast as possible.

Can we hack Facebook account on deep web?

Beware! The deep web is just like a regular web without censorship. There is no special software or tool available anywhere on the deep web that can hack Facebook passwords. However, you can find dark learning resources that you can use to improve your hacking knowledge. You can check the best hacking sites & forums for hackers.

Do not indulge with anyone who claims to be a Facebook hacker on the deep web as well as regular web.

There are hundreds of scam websites that claim to be an expert in hacking. Many people fall prey to these websites and lose their hard-earned money. Never trust these websites that provide any kind of Facebook hacking services.

I have already discussed in my last post that, There is no automated hacking software or website that can hack a Facebook password. For example, 007 facebook hack software, Facebook ID hacker software, etc. Please Stay away from these kinds of websites.

To conclude, this article teaches you everything you need to know about “how to hack a Facebook account”. The information is very useful in situations when you want to track other people’s online activities. Institutions can also use the techniques to monitor their employees, or parents their children. For a more powerful tool to hack a Facebook account, we recommend you to use the mSpy app.

P.S. This article is for information purposes only. We do not encourage anyone in any manner to try the techniques or applications mentioned in this article.

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