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Google Body Browser Download – experience 3D Anatomy of Human Body

Google Body Browser Download - experience 3D Anatomy of Human BodyAfter Google toilet, here comes new product from google called ‘Google Body Browser’ and this time its for real. All the medical students out there get ready to experience the revolutionary 3D technology that will give you a complete 3D Anatomy of Human Body because google is already set to roll-out its revolutionary technology ‘Google Body Browser’ after much appreciated ‘Street view Program’. To experience this, all you need is a PC with WebGL supported Browser. if you have already used ‘Google earth’, then let me tell you that you will feel as comfortable as navigating the world on ‘Google earth’.

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Google said in an introduction, “Body Browser is a detailed 3D model of the human body”. It is a three-dimensional, multi-layered browser version of those Visible Man/Woman model kits. It lets you peel back anatomical layers, zoom in, and navigate to parts. You can also click to identify anatomy, or search for muscles, organs, bones, and more. Google Body Browser has a search function, that lets you locate any part of the body by just typing in the name. You can expose different systems, such as the skeleton and internal organs. It runs right in any WebGL supported browser. It just requires a browser, such as Chrome, with WebGL. It shows a 3D model of a female that can be rotated and zoomed in and out. checkout the Video:

Google has already unveiled Beta version of ‘body browser’. Visit the Body Browser home page URL below to see the human body. There you can adjust the various layers of skin, muscles, tissues, and the skeletal system. Before visiting the below URL, First Download and Install Google Chrome Canary Build Browser!


The app also supports multitouch so users of trackpads or multi-touch mice can zoom in with ease. It proves to be a useful app for the health care industry, educators, and students.