Gaming On The Go: Gadgets & Apps That You’ll Love In 2023

Do you feel ready to up your gaming experience in 2023?

Are you one of those gamers who love to take their games on the go and play while on the bus or on their lunch break?

Then there are some gadgets & apps that you’ll love, as they will completely transform the way you approach gaming.

Therefore, stick with us while we dip deep into the topic, delivering a list of some much-needed gadgets and apps that you’ll want to have ASAP. 

Gadgets & apps that you’ll love

Gaming headsets

First things first – remember that gaming is just a hobby that occupies a portion of your free time. Therefore, you should never invest more money than you can afford.

This is important to mention as some gaming gadgets can be pretty expensive. That being said, even if you can financially afford to spend all that money on gaming, it’s important to ask yourself whether that’s a smart decision.

Whether investing in crypto or fiat money, make sure to account for every dollar that you spend, as your hard-earned money should not be wasted. 

A gaming console

You must have seen this one coming, as a gaming console is one of the main gadgets you should have in your possession. However, if you are not sure which one to opt for, allow us to suggest a great option – Nintendo Switch.

Sure enough, you can use it to play games at home, but you can also take it with you anywhere you go. You just have to pop the controllers onto the sides and you’ll be able to play in handheld mode.

Needless to say that you can take it with you no matter where you go. 


We go from the best gadgets to the most essential apps, and one such app is PayPal. The reason why you’ll definitely need it is because many games require in-game purchases.

Likewise, many gadgets need to be ordered online and paying via PayPal greatly simplifies the process. Of course, you can also use a wide range of other payment methods for the same purpose, and your options range from credit cards to different forms of cryptocurrency. However, PayPal happens to be the best option when it comes to easiness and accessibility. 

This app is essential for one other type of gaming, which includes casino games. If you live for the thrill of gambling, then you should think about the best way to fund your casino account. PayPal is one of the best payment methods around, as it’s accepted by most casinos nowadays. 

Of course, when it comes to gambling, you’ll want to pay attention to safety before anything else. Thus, your first step should be to find a safe and reliable casino so that you won’t have to worry about rigged games. To do so, rely on reviews that you can find on trustworthy sites like Time2play, or look for Google reviews left by the casino’s users. Either way, you should get a good idea of a casino’s reputation by doing some basic research. 

Wireless headset

The appeal of video games is in experiencing all the auditory and visual effects, making you feel like you truly are a part of the game. This kind of real-life experience has been enhanced with the appearance of VR and AR in gaming. Just think back to the Pokemon Go days and you’ll realize what we’re talking about. However, to get the best experience possible, you’ll want to equip yourself with a good headset.

Since you are gaming on the go, then you need to ensure that you aren’t restricted by any cords and cables. Thus, a wireless headset is your best bet if you want to be able to easily transport all of your gaming equipment. Plus, you can use it anywhere and anytime, and not even a crowded coffee shop will put a damper on your beloved games. 


Discord is one of the main apps all gamers need to have on their PCs or mobile phones. This app lets you connect with fellow gamers, no matter where they might be living.

You can create a group where you can inform each other about the latest gaming feats, and you can even broadcast your matches in real time. Needless to say that you can also schedule matches through Discord, so you’ll always have someone to join you when you are in the mood for a game or two on the go. 

Portable retro gaming device

The device we are referring to is not a random one, as it goes by the name of PocketSprite. Mind you that the device is small enough that it can fit on your keyring without any problems. But just because it’s small doesn’t mean that it isn’t mighty.

This gaming device gives its players instant access to all those gaming classics, such as Gameboy. 

Thus, don’t let its size fool you. This portable device represents a completely playable gaming console, and you can even make a short break and then pick up where you left off.

That’s why it’s perfect for those who are gaming on the go, as you can make a break whenever necessary, without facing lost progress and setbacks. 

Should you invest in all of these gadgets and apps for gamers?

The answer is that it depends on your circumstances. Since Discord and PayPal are two apps that come with zero fees, you should definitely have them installed and ready.

As for the gadgets themselves, we suggest you start by taking a realistic look at your finances. Some gaming gadgets can be rather expensive, and you should never purchase the ones that go above your budget. 

Likewise, keep in mind that the gadgets and apps that you’ll love don’t have to break the bank. There are always more affordable versions of every gaming gadget. You don’t have to opt for the most expensive headset on the market – an average one will do the trick.

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