“Free Amazon Gift Card Codes” – SCAM!

So here I come across another Smart SCAM called “Free Amazon Gift Card Codes” spreading through Social Networks, Specifically on whatsApp. I pity my friends who are indulging in this Stupid scam inspite of being in my friends Zone,.. Hmn well atleast for this kind of stupid SCAM.

So this Scam Website (Free Amazon Gift Card Codes) is promising users a free Gift-Card worth $50, for simply sharing their link with friends. Yeah! that’s like Distributing Free Money to people in-order to get Free Money. Sounds Absolute Stupid.

Free Amazon Gift Card Codes scam

According to this fake Amazon Gift card website, you would get $50 worth Gift-Card when you bring people to click on your referral link. You need to earn atleast 25 “clicks” in Order to request your free Gift-Card; Sounds very professional.

Did you already indulge yourself in this Scam? Well you need not worry about it, since this scam is harmless and wont put you in any danger except that you Stand stupid in-front of your friends. The reason behind this SCAM is Unknown, but we believe this was mainly done for domain publicity and gain authority.

Stay away from this SCAM and share this article with your friends, to save their Stupidity for some other Time. PEACE!