How to find an IP address of a fake Facebook user?

There are over 1.5 billion users on Facebook, out of which around 90 million users are fake (Fake Facebook profiles).

Somebody creating a fake profile of yours is not a big deal for Facebook unless you represent a law enforcement agency or an expensive legal firm. Most fake Facebook profiles are set-up by adolescents in relationships seeking to destroy the reputation of their ex-partner by uploading private pictures.

Hi, Someone stole my daughter’s picture from her Facebook page & created a fake account. now that person is sending abusive messages from that account to everyone & trying to ruin her image as she is a very sincere girl. This profile is creating chaos in my neighborhood which was identified as her. Could you please hack this fake profile for me?

I often receive such requests from people who find themselves or their relatives in this situation. Identity theft on Facebook is very common, But somebody using your image to harass or play with other people you know, thereby defaming you is really embarrassing and malicious.

how to get someones ip address from facebook

While you can always report such imposters profile to Facebook using their Report form, it takes hell lot of time for Facebook to review the profile and disable it. Also, Facebook will never disclose to you any details about the fake profile, like when it was created and from which computer or network it was operated. Facebook will provide Information regarding fake profile only when there is police intervention and this is a very long process.

Moreover, the police will not go through the hassle of contacting Facebook and behave like loyal dogs to track down the imposter unless the matter is very serious.

If the matter is serious, police will contact facebook with all the information about the fake profile in question. Facebook will then investigate and will get back to police officials with geo information about the fake account, like the IP address & devices being used to access the account, basic profiling of the said culprit and his private messages.

Once they have the IP address of fake profile user, they will then need to get a court order for the ISP to reveal the information and billing address of the person involved and to find out who made a fake facebook account over this network. Remember if the fake profile user had used a proxy server to hide real-IP, it would be very difficult to track down the real IP address.

Here in this post, I will show you how exactly you could find an IP address of a fake Facebook user and teach you how to trace the IP to nab the culprit.

#UPDATE: I have had posted about finding Facebook users IP Address through chat and email header before but none of these two work this day. The Facebook chat runs on XMPP protocol now which is not peer-2-peer, so it is not possible to determine the IP address of the user through Facebook Chat using Netstat command.

All I will be doing is, use some social engineering skills and default ‘Banner grabbing’ technique of a web server.

Banner Grabbing is an enumeration technique used to get information about a particular computer system on a network/internet (Information like Operating system, browser, IP address, etc.)

Steps in finding the IP address of a Facebook user:

Step 1
Collect as much information about the fake profile as you can and identify all of the people who are connected to the profile. Make a list of connected people to this account who are your real life friends.

Step 2
Select any one of your close friend or relative on that list (select most trusted person). The person which you have selected will be doing all the job for you. If there is nobody you can trust on this list then ask any of your trusted friends to Befriend this fake profile user.

Step 3
Ask your Friend to start chatting with this fake user casually every day. (Remember whatever you do should remain between you can your friend. do not let it spread among other close friends)

Step 4
Now Go to and fill in your valid email address and enter any name in the ‘Link Name’ field. Click Generate.

[ * ] Geniushackers website is down. Alternatively, you can use other tools for tracking IP. You can find the list of Tracking tools here: List of IP tracking tools (Tracing Facebook user location).

Step 5
In the next page, you will get a unique link. Just copy this unique link.

Step 6
Next, goto and paste your ‘Unique URL’ (that is too long) in the text field and click shorten URL. You will get short URL that will look something like this:

Step 7
Ask your friend to send this shortened URL to the Fake profile user along with some nice message via chat such that he should click on that URL. Example message:

Hey wassup? i found this really nice story, read here:

Step 8
As soon as the fake user clicks on that link, you will receive an email with a link to his System details. example details:

catch fake facebook user

Steps for Tracing fake profile user and catching the culprit:

Now that you have found out the IP address of the fake user, it’s time to know more about this fake user.

Step 9
Go to and enter the ‘IP address’ of the fake user, click submit query.

Step 10
On the new page, scroll down a bit and you will get to see all the details like ISP, Area-code, Postal-code, etc. regarding his IP address along with a Map.

Step 11
Relate these details with the suspect. If you are not able to suspect anyone then approach your attorney or lawyer, he will file the necessary documents for the ISP to disclose the subscriber details for the IP address.

Step 12
If you are suspecting anyone but not sure if it’s him then repeat the steps 3 to 8 for this suspect. You can take help of the same friend and ask him to craft some different message accompanied by IP tracking link for this suspect.

Step 13
As soon as your suspect clicks this link, you will have his IP address. Now match his IP address with the IP address of the Fake user. If there is a match, well congrats!! you have successfully nabbed the culprit.

Also, read our Advanced Guide: Trace Facebook user location using USER-Agent and IP address.

Hope this tutorial helps. If you have any questions regarding fake Facebook profiles, Let us know via the Comments Section below.

Facebook Statistics via: Statistic Brain