FIFA Security Team accidentally revealed Wi-Fi password in a Newspaper Promo Photo!

The promo Photo which was taken by the local Newspaper of Brazil called “Correio Braziliense” accidentally showed the password and WiFi SSID of the World Cup Security Center, which allows security personnel to view live feeds from various cameras around the World Cup stadiums.

This year, the Israel-based security firm RISCO is providing security management at the soccer stadium and is responsible for monitoring and maintaining hundreds of CCTV security cameras. Few days back local newspaper “Correio Braziliense” visited the Security center and published an article about the security teams state-of-the-art monitoring centre.

Password: b5a2112014

The Photo which was published along with the article caught eyes of many as it clearly revealed the Security centers Wi-Fi SSID & password in a very stupid fashion. Later the Photo was posted on twitter and people around the world noticed the blunder and re-twitted it. below you can see the published photograph of the Head of the Brazilian Federal Police next to the Whiteboard exposing network SSID and password which appears to be “brazil2014 in eleet.

WORLD CUP Wi-Fi password

Fortunately, the head of the Brazilian Federal Police noticed the error quickly and immediately replaced both passwords and SSID codes for the wireless network.