Facebook to monitor your activities on other Websites to deliver more relevant ads!

For over a period of time Facebook has been monitoring your moves within the boundaries of its social network to serve you relevant advertisements depending on your activity. but now it has gone 1 step further by making a decision to use data from other Websites we visit and the apps we use to deliver more relevant ads. Though you can opt out of this enhanced behavioral targeting.

Until now, Facebook has been serving you ads depending on your interests that can be inferred from the stuff you like and the things you do on Facebook. for example, the brands you like, the stories you share and your interactions in groups, pages, etc. The below quote sums-up everything.

Facebook achieved in 6 years what CIA couldn’t in 60 years, To know what millions of people eat, read, drink, listen.

The Facebook already has access to much of the users information through tools that it uses to measure the performance of its ads as well as through “plug-ins” that integrate Facebook features on third-party websites, but the company has not until now incorporated the data into its users’ ad targeting profiles.

facebook enhanced behavioral targeting

The new ad capabilities will let Facebook build enhanced profiles that will allow its Marketers to deliver more relevant ads, Suppose you are searching for a new car on other websites or looking at a particular car brand, Now Facebook will learn about this from the website you searched and your profile might now indicate an interest in that particular Car brand, making it easier for advertisers pitching that brand to reach that user on Facebook.

Guess what, Google has been doing this from since many years. Make a interests based profile of every user depending on Google searches and serve him relevant ads inside other services like Gmail. Google and other online companies have faced increasing scrutiny and enforcement from privacy regulators for capturing users personal information and using them for benefit.

As of now, Facebook’s new “enhanced behavioral targeting” Commission is yet to receive an application seeking approval for the deal, but it would indeed face an elaborate scrutiny. Though Facebook said it will also provide a link to an industry website that will allow users to not have their activities on websites tracked, as well as a link to the appropriate controls within their smartphones to eliminate mobile app tracking.