Facebook hack: Enlarge locked profile picture (display picture hack)

[ * ] WE DO NOT SUPPORT FACEBOOK STALKING. The main Idea is just to make you aware that your display picture is not safe even if it’s locked.

Ever wanted to see full size profile picture (DP) of your crush, who has made her account display picture visible to only limited people?. Well you have good news! this new profile picture hack allows you to view large size of locked profile picture(current) of any user you want.

Don’t believe me? Lets make a try!. Please do-not Misuse it.

Step #1. Open any Facebook profile with locked display picture. for instance lets consider this profile:


Step #2. Right click on the profile picture and click “Copy image URL”.

Facebook hack: Enlarge locked profile picture

Paste the copied URL in a notepad or address bar. you will see something like this:


If you observe the above URL, you Will notice that the text in red actually matches the thumbnail size of the profile picture which is being locked i.e 160×160.

Step #3. Now the trick is to replace s160×160 with s720×720 in the above link , so your new link will look something like this:


Step #4. Now just visit this new picture link and bam! you have the original locked profile/display picture on your Screen. Enjoy!!