Ethical Hacking: What’s so ethical about it?

Internet industry is the most reputed money earning industry in the modern world. Anything can be achieved in this world with the help of internet, social networking medias, video marketing, email marketing etc., Wherever there is a positive way, there are more possibilities for negative way as well.

Ethical Hacking: What’s so ethical about it?

In IT world, hackers are the real thieves who can really breach corporate security systems and abduct the valuable resources of a company. As like other industries, here well reputed Ethical Hackers are getting appointed to do the activity. A company officially recruits an ethical hacker to attack global network and computer system by same techniques how a hacker would hack and breach corporate security systems and finally the company could not able to prevent it.

Necessity of ethical hacking

Software is said to be well tested and trustworthy one, only when all the units of the system is tested with all the malicious or mischievous motives from a true illegal hacker point of view. They know the different ways to test the software in that way. That’s why nowadays ethical hacker is having right and bright positions in the IT industry. In one way or other, they help the organization to get hacked from malicious ways. Ethical hackers play the role of good guy and with their nickname of white hat.

Roles and responsibilities of ethical hackers

Though a software limits the users with their private policies, as ethical hackers use the right techniques, for them alone the policies act as a legal and legitimate occupation. They will be having the full rights to test the system with all possible test cases and finally the results will be provided as a report that will list out what are the vulnerabilities observed and the ways for eliminating them. Recovery is done in three ways by an Ethical Hacker. First one is determining the potential information an illegal hacker can try to get access. Second one is analyzing the information and the mechanisms that an hacker can do with that information. Third one is checking whether the hack has been alerted in some ways by the IT department guys and others or not and sending the notification to eliminate it.

Responsibility of the company while hiring ethical hackers

Ethical hacking is the same concept like quality checking but it is applied with evil mind. I.e. hacking itself is a bad and assets will get drowned, in evil eye; safety testing has to be performed. Company owns the entire responsibility in providing more confidential and sensitive information so that ethical hackers can test them and provide the result. Companies should appoint a professional ethical hacker by double checking their qualifications and background. Total honesty and integrity is the predefined requirement for an ethical hacker.


In modern world, one needs to be wise and honest. Though ethical hacking looks like a hacking technique, it is the required one for an industry to protect its valuable information. Genuine ethical hackers are they helping persons for them and numerous courses are also available to get mastered into ethical hacking. World is the window for many thieves. Let IT industry be protected by ethical hackers to get secured from organization’s networks and systems.