This Guy makes his own “Drone Catcher Gun” that fires Net at Evil Drones

Drone menace is for Real!

Lately, Drones have become very popular and easily available flying machines and given the fact that most of them are geared with high-end cameras for Ariel photography, Its has also become the best way to spy on private areas that are not easily accessible.

Since these remote-controlled, flying devices are capable of filming high-quality pictures and videos, It has become a serious menace for every house/homeowners that are concerned about their privacy.

To counter this problem, There are 2 main approaches.

1. Drone Signal Jammer
This device interrupts the link between the drone and pilot and/or its navigation. It is either in giant sensor systems (stationary) or attached to a gun, “Drone jamming Gun”

Drone Catcher Gun making

2. Using Nets – “Drone Catcher Gun”
Nets are very popular among drone catchers. Net firing gun can also be mounted on another drone that will go after evil drone or can be a simple “Drone Catcher Gun” used by humans on the ground against drones.

Here is a Net firing drone made by MIT researchers:

Here is another Drone catcher that can fire net on the evil drone and take it down safely by blowing parachute. This Drone Catcher is made by a company called OpenWorks Engineering that exclusively makes Drone Catcher Guns.

The problem with the above brilliant devices is that they are not publicly available for sale. This eventually leads to Make it extreme team, giving its own solution to the problems caused by the annoying drones that are flying over private places.

Now watch how this guy from Make it extreme team, makes his own “Drone Catcher Gun” using four barrels which would shoot a net with the help of compressed air.


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If you are interested in building one for yourself, You can follow detailed instructions here.

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