Download ‘Daily Keylogger’ Lifetime Version – Home PC/Laptop Monitoring Software!

Here’s i am Introducing you to a Special Offer for hacker9 readers, Get ‘Daily Keylogger’ a Local PC/laptop Monitoring Software for Lifetime, Yes No monthly Fees. Normally Daily Keylogger is Priced at $7.49/month. But you can Get the Lifetime version by just paying some extra $. Daily Keylogger is the best Choice for employers wishing to Monitor employee productivity, those needing to archive their own text entries and parents wishing to monitor their children PC & online activity.

Lifetime Version Link: Daily Keylogger (Expired)

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Download Daily Keylogger Lifetime Version  Local PC Monitoring Software for Employers freeDaily Keylogger enables you to know exactly what is going on with your computer by recording all keystrokes typed at your computer including: MySpace + FaceBook passwords, web site user and password information, as well as email and chat conversations. Daily Keylogger password finder keystroke recording tool’s & comprehensive recording capabilities will document every key typed on the PC keyboard including “hidden” characters and keystroke combination’s. Keystrokes which may appear differently on screen, such as an asterisk when a password is typed, are also captured. You can also set up Daily Keylogger PC Spy Software to secretly deliver all recorded log files to any email address. This allows you to monitor your PC from Anywhere.

[ * ] You can use the above feature to monitor you friends PC.. How? – Just install this keylogger on your Friends PC secretly and Configure it to get all the keystrokes to your email address. That’s it. Now sit back and monitor you friend from anywhere.

Features of Daily Keylogger:

  • Completely Invisible & Undetectable
  • Record All Keystrokes Including Passwords
  • Record All Emails – Hotmail, Yahoo
  • Record All Programs Used
  • Record All Online Searches
  • Record All Facebook & MySpace Activity
  • Record All Chats & IMs, Skype
  • Record Screen Shots
  • Record Web Sites Visited
  • Record Windows Passwords – XP, vista, win 7
  • Remote Viewing (Email delivery)

[ * ] You Get Lifetime Usage with No Monthly Fees. Exclusively For you! (hacker9 readers). Any Questions Regarding this Offer? Feel free to Contact us!

Link: Daily Keylogger (Expired)

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