Don’t have Antivirus installed? You are 5 Times More Likely to Get Malware!

According to Microsoft, Computers that are not protected by Antivirus are 5 times more likely to get Infected with malware than those with Antivirus installed. The study was carried out by Microsoft as a part of its Security Intelligence report.

Don't have Antivirus installed? am coming to you..

In 2012, the company found malicious e-mail attachments on almost 3 million computers and detected 7 million Key-generators. We all know that the activation key generators or serial key generators that users install with “free” paid software or games often come loaded with malwares. But who cares? as long as we get to use paid software’s for free. Here comes the worst situation. Every time you download a Key-gen, your Antivirus flags it as a malware. Inspite of this warning we are always ready to run these small piece of software containing malware.

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As far as email attachments are concerned, We do ignore SPAM emails unless we encounter luscious emails from dating websites or may be from hot Russian girl who is interested in you. Often these kind of emails will include malicious viral attachments or link to dangerous websites. The Email Spammers are increasingly using psychological temptations such as love, money and lust to encourage innocent users to activate malicious code.

Most users don’t have antivirus because either the trial period has expired, the software is out of date or it was disabled by malware. Some may also not realize the importance of antivirus so they don’t install it in the first place. Due to this scenario people easily fall prey to these kind of attacks.

Microsoft representatives said:

“An antivirus or antimalware product that offers real-time protection is one of the most crucial defenses a computer user has against these and other malware distribution tactics, Unfortunately, many computers are not protected by real-time antimalware software”

According to Microsoft, A person in the enterprise is more likely to encounter attacks through the Web than any of the network worms. The Report also showed that the Conficker and Autorun worm infections are declining, but web attacks are on the rise.

[ * ] Conficker is a worm that started spreading among enterprise desktop systems in 2008.

How do i protect myself?

  1. Immediately get yourself a good Antivirus that has Real-time Internet Protection.
    ex: Kaspersky Internet Security.
  2. Although Antivirus’s provide protection against Autorun viruses, Its always a good Idea to trust someone who has better knowledge about these kind of viruses.
    ex: Zbshareware USB Disk Security.
  3. Always ignore SPAM emails.
  4. If you need to Run keygens, always run them in Virtual environment (VMware)
  5. While Downloading free “paid software’s” via Torrents, always make sure you read the comments on that torrent and Observe the number of Seeders.