Don’t have an iPhone? Well even President Obama can’t have one

If you Don’t Have an iPhone. Well. You don’t have an iPhone. Everyone does agree to this. It’s not that you haven’t considered the iPhone but you simply cant buy one for yourself. Same goes with the US President Barack Obama. He Simply cannot use iPhone even if he wants to.

On the occasion of “Obamacare” Event at the White house he admitted in his speech that he simply cannot have an iPhone. “I’m not allowed to use iPhone for security reasons“, he said, in a speech promoting health care to a youth audience.

Barack Obama iphone ban

Currently Barack Obama Uses a Blackberry Smartphone (super-secure device) and he was a BlackBerry user even before he became President of the United States. May be he is giving us hints that he is part Canadian.

Now am not sure if he was referring to the new iPhone 5s which has fingerprint scanner intended for “NSA Surveillance Program” as said by Anonymous Group. While Tech giants like Google, Microsoft and 6 other companies including Apple, reportedly feeding NSA through PRISM surveillance program, I don’t understand why wouldn’t he be allowed to use an iPhone for “security reasons,” though he still uses Apple’s iPad.

Bottom line is even though Blackberry has lost market share to other mobile companies, it’s still popular among officials because of its super strong encryption.

Courtesy: Reuters