Create your own Ringtones Online using cellsea

Create your own Ringtones Online Using Cellsea Cellsea is a web based Ringtone maker. Using their cool service you can quickly create ringtones for yourself by uploading your audio files(MP3, MIDI, M4A and AAC are supported). If your lazy to upload,

they will get the audio file for your from a remote URL or even a Google Search. After uploading, you can crop your audio files and listen to preview before sending it to production. The ringtone will be saved to Dashboard, you can either download it to your machine and then upload it to your cellphone over Bluetooth, Data Cable or IR. An simpler alternative would be point your browser to and then entering your download code.

Note: The maximum upload size for audio files is just 5 MB, since most MP3s thesedays are under 5 MB, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Visit: Cellsea
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