Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft office – Share, backup & simultaneously edit Documents

Imagine you are on a weekend working on your Powerpoint Presentation and just want your Group members to edit or Review it. What would you do ? Probably save the file on your disk, then attach it to your email and send it. And then again you download the edited attachments, Review it, Modify your original copy, etc. Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft office Share backup simultaneously edit your documentsGoogle Cloud Connect helps you to eliminate these steps and enables you to share your files easily with your friends over Cloud, backup, and simultaneously edit you Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents with coworkers.

Though these features are available in Google Docs and other cloud based apps, many people are still tied to desktop applications and Google Cloud Connect is exclusively for Microsoft office users. Google Cloud Connect is a Plugin for Microsoft office that allows you to share your Microsoft office files simultaneously with your Friends. Watch the videos below:

Download Link: http://tools.google.com/dlpage/cloudconnect