Beware of SPAMBOOK! – Facebook SPAM and Virus


The spammers on the facebook are Getting Smarter and creative. The spammers are creating new innovative virus codes, that once run will spread on all your friends wall. these Spam status updates with attractive title may look like a ordinary Status update with a link and i swear its really hard to ignore such kind of messages and here comes the threat. today i decided to introduce you to all the current facebook SPAM that are on the rise.

Latest Spam: JAVA Script of “Revolving Images” is spreading Facebook status SPAM

What is Facebook SPAM and how it Works?
I have divided facebook SPAM into 2 types:

Type #1: Facebook Status SPAM
this type of SPAM is Spreading via Facebook Apps. the spammer just creates a facebook app offering some fake “Free stuff” with embedded Virus link. now the Spammer will just post the app URL on his or your wall. When you click on this type of app URL you will be redirected to one facebook application. now the application will prompt you to click a particular link encoded with VIRUS codes saying “free Stuff”. Now when you click on this “free Stuff” link, the Virus code gets initiated and the virus will post this link to all your friends wall…and likewise it spreads.

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Type #2: Facebook likejacking (External page that will use you as a SPAMMER)
about “Like”:- The “like” feature is designed by Facebook so that web developers can place the code anywhere they want on the web. like button helps in sharing the Knowledge with your friends. Not only is it easy to use, but it is also easy to abuse.This type of facebook SPAM is easy to create and really effective. the SPAMMER will just create a webpage containing some attractive tile such as “SHOCKING Hidden Message In The Google Logo!” and a like button and some script. now here the spammer will ask you to “like” the page and will also demand you to share the page on your friends wall to expose the secrete message, he just used you as a spammer. and believe me there is no such kind of secrets.

How to Recognize Facebook SPAM?
The first clue that there is something awry with the site is its URL, which indicates it provides “free Facebook layouts.” Then, the page traps visitors with some fancy Javascript so that they cannot scroll down or leave the page without “taking a quiz.” Even further, the page tries to scare visitors with a pop-up that says “We have been receiving a lot of spambot traffic from an IP Address Similar to yours. Please complete a quiz to unlock the page”. This is a typical social engineering scare tactic popular with text messaging scams.

How do Spammers Get Benefited?
The only goal of SPAMMERS is to make money. Clicking any of the links in the above discussed SPAM messages sends a request to a affiliate programs, most likely collecting clicks for a CPA (cost-per-action) program. These requests happen so fast that the user would have no idea when and how other sites were being contacted.

Share this Knowledge with your Friends and help! stop Facebook becoming SPAMBOOK!