Beware of Fake Antispyware Programs – Rogue Antispyware!

Beware of Fake Antispyware Programs – Rogue Antispyware

Rogue antispyware programs became one of the most popular means to infect computers and gain money of their users. These programs imitate legitimate antispyware programs but in fact are based on empty software so have no functions at all.


How do they Get into your PC
Most of the time, these programs are distributed to computer systems with a help of Trojan viruses. Sometimes they also spread on malicious Internet sites, imitates Windows updates, etc. However, in any case, a rogue program infiltrates without asking permission of the user and doesn’t require its authorization.

What they do?
Once inside, it enters Windows Registry and makes some changes there so that it could do its job without interference. Usually it uses a fake scanner which pretends to look for infections. Then the program offers removing infections with a help of its so-called full version of a program which you need to pay for. You must beware that rogue programs are not able to detect any infections, so it simply gives fake scan results just tom trick you into purchasing a malicious application.

What are the Symptoms?
Moreover, rogue programs tend to display fake pop up ads and security notifications to make an illusion your system requires some attention and needs a security tool. One more thing to be mentioned is browser hijacking. A rogue program often comes with a browser hijacker which hijacks your Internet browser and makes redirections to some malicious websites promoting a rogue program as an antispyware.

Popular Fake Antispyware Programs
One of the most popular rogue programs at the moment are AV Security Suite, Antispyware Soft, My Security Engine. Some of such programs are active for a very short period of time, others, for example, Security Tool stay active for months.

How to avoid them?
Check out the list of Fake Antispyware Programs

Solution- How to Remove them?
Fortunately, security experts are always ready to help fix your security problems. They not only describe this kind of infections on their websites, but also provide solutions to particular problems. If it happened to you to be infected with some fake antispyware program, you may want to know more about a particular infection. Check the website below to get more information about infections that bother you and find a way to get rid of them.
Link: is dedicated to all those Fake Antispyware Programs,and it helps you detect and remove all these Fake Antispyware Programs (viruses,scams, and other malwares).