Backup your Facebook Account, Download everything!

Backup your Facebook Account, Download everything that you shared on FB including wall posts, messages and friends listJust got to know that you can now take a backup of your Facebook account. this includes your photos and videos, posts on your wall, all of your messages, your friends list and other content you have shared on your profile. once you request for the download, Facebook will allow you to download all your Data in a zip file. After downloading you will have access to your data in a simple, browsable manner. To Get your Zip file just go to your Account Settings page, then click the “learn more” link beside “Download Your Information.


After You click ‘Download’ button, Facebook will send you an email asking you to verify your identity (This may take a little while) and then You will receive an email when your Zip file is ready for download. Do take your Backup. this will be really useful incase your account gets hacked or cancelled in future.

Your file will include the following information:

  • Your profile information (e.g., your contact information, interests, groups)
  • Wall posts and content that you and your friends have posted to your profile
  • Photos and videos that you have uploaded to your account
  • Your friend list
  • Notes you have created
  • Events to which you have RSVP’d
  • Your sent and received messages
  • Any comments that you and your friends have made on your Wall posts, photos, and other profile content